Summer Vibe – Beach Garden Ideas

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If you have a large backyard and want to turn it into an ultimate summer haven where you can spend evenings with your friends or relax by yourself, these tips and ideas will help you out. 

Build a patio

Firstly, an essential part of creating a beach garden is creating a comfy lounge aka a seating area that everyone will get to enjoy on those late summer nights. The first step is to build a patio. If you’re lucky enough to have a large backyard then this will be a piece of cake for you. However, if you have a smaller backyard, don’t worry. With some A level planning and great design you can fit a small size patio and organise a seating area that is just as comfortable as any. 

Patio is a great place where your family can relax, spend some free time and enjoy meals together during sunny spring and summer days. Make sure to get a professional to build a patio according to your needs and what your backyard can support and then you can move on to decorating it how you want. That brings us to the next amazing idea.

A patio seating area

For a real summer vibe garden, you must have a seating area. If you’ve decided to go for building a convenient patio, then this is a perfect spot for your seating area. Start by investing in some comfortable furniture such as a cosy bench, some sofas, and a table. If you want to save space, you can purchase furniture elements that double as great storage spaces. For instance there are couches, tables, and benches that have built-in storage places beneath them. You can use this space to store away whatever you want. You can store blankets and pillows here or you can choose to use this space for other garden related items that you want to keep out of sight. 

Once you get the basics, it’s time to decorate the patio. Make sure to paint your patio area in bright summer colours and include accessories that will bring out the summer vibe. You can start by adding lovely flowers around the patio. Add some cosy pillows on the furniture to make the seating area extra comfy. You can also add several scented candles on the table. Your guests will love them during your late night hang outs. 

The lighting

The lighting can be used in so many ways to create a desired effect and set the mood in the garden. Starting with the patio, depending on what kind of an atmosphere you want to achieve, you can incorporate different kinds of lighting. You can provide the light for the entire area or you can incorporate spot lighting to create a very intimate and cosy atmosphere. For instance, you can hang some lovely fairy lights on the patio. Not, only will they be a great decorating piece but they will bring just enough light to the space to create a very summery vibe. You’ll feel like you’re drinking cocktails in a bar on the beach.

As for the rest of the garden, you can add the lighting however you want to ensure that your garden gets enough light during the night hours. This is important for those plants that need a lot of lighting. There are night lamps that can actually help the plants get their source of light even during the night. You can also install some lights along the pathways in your garden. This will light your way through the garden and create a very lovely atmosphere in the garden too. 

Hang a hammock 

You can find a secluded part of your garden and hang a hammock between two trees. This can be your relaxing area where you get to spend warm summer days in the cool shade beneath the try and read your favourite books or just take naps while listening to music. Not only is the hammock a great addition to the garden because you get to relax on it, but it can also be a great decorating piece. To get that lively summer vibe, go for a hammock in vibrant colours that will bring in the lively atmosphere and serve as a focal point in your garden. 

Water feature

Another great feature that you can add in your garden is any kind of water feature. You can either find a small discrete water fountain that will produce calm and soothing water sounds and turn your garden into a relaxing Zen area or you can go for something grand that will serve as the focal point in your garden. Whatever you choose, having a water feature of any kind in your backyard can truly make you feel like you’re relaxing next to a beach or in some kind of treatment resort. It’s soothing to the ear and it’s beautiful as well. 

Swimming pool

Speaking of water, in case you want to make a bigger investment into a project like this one, you can also build a swimming pool in your backyard. What screams summer more than a private pool? Well, if your backyard is big enough and you’re interested in investing in something like this, a swimming pool is a great choice. 

Firstly, you get to enjoy some relaxing swimming at your own house whenever you want. Secondly, your friends can chill out by your pool during the summer. Lastly, you can organise some great late night pool parties all summer long. That’s a top notch summer vibe. Make sure to throw in some pool floats, get some delicious cocktails and play some music that everyone enjoys. There you have it. You have a perfect summer party at your own home. 

Install a pin pong table

In addition to a swimming pool, another great source of entertainment for your friends and you can be a ping pong table. Find a nice spot in your backyard under a tree shade or create a shade with a sunshade and install a ping pong table. Your friends can enjoy a few rounds of ping pong during those summer parties. Also, a ping pong table can be a versatile tool. Who says you only have to use it for one type of game? You can use this table to play some beer pong or play table hockey on the table. Also, the table that big can come in handy when you’re playing just about any board game or drinking games other than beer pong such as flip the cup game. All in all, a ping pong table offers many great choices for games that can be played at the house party. It’s a great addition for summer and once the summer is over you can easily put it away so that it doesn’t take up too much space. 

Create a flower bed

Bringing in some lively colours and scents is one of the best ways to ensure a summer garden atmosphere is achieved. For instance, you can create a few flower beds in different spots of your garden. Research some flowers and plants you want to include and what the best options are. If you don’t have enough time to take care of the plants, you can always pick some of the low maintenance flowers that don’t require too much of your time and effort to keep them alive and thriving. Make sure to have the right garden equipment in order to plant and take care of the plants. Water them frequently and make sure to plant them in the sunny spots of your garden. 

Maintain the lawn

Maintaining the lawn can contribute so much to the overall look of the entire background. During the summer days, it’s especially important to take care of the lawn. Make sure it’s getting enough water during the scorching hot summer days. Instal some quality auto wind hose reel and water it regularly. Apart from that, make sure you are trimming the lawn regularly and pulling out any weeds that grow here and there. Making sure that your lawn is maintained will make the whole garden look so much more tidy and organised. In addition to that, you’ll probably be walking barefoot around your garden during summer. You want to make sure you see what you’re stepping on to avoid hurting yourself. The last thing you want is to step on something sharp or get stung by a wasp. 

Consider vertical gardening

If you love flowers and plants and want to include as many of them as you can without wasting too much space, you can always create a flower wall. Vertical gardening is especially great for those small gardens where you don’t really have that much space for gardening. You can add so many new plants and make a great collection of different flowers in your backyard. Apart from that, growing a flower wall is a great way to decorate your backyard fences. Instead of painting your fences, you can decorate them with some of your favourite flowers. It adds a nice layer of lovely colours and scent as well as ensuring the privacy of your backyard. 

Keep little ones occupied

In case you have kids, there’s a way for you to keep them occupied by creating a private corner for them as well. You want to create a safe space in which they can play with their friends and have something fun to do in general. For instance, you can build a swing for them or install a slide. However, the ultimate playground idea is building a fort or a small camp tent for them. Make sure to include cosy blankets and pillows for them inside. They can bring their toys in and some of their favourite snacks. You can decorate it with some fairy tale lights and let your kids play in the tent whenever they want during summer. They can invite their friends for a playdate or even enjoy their own time in the tent every day.

Set up a movie theatre 

Lastly, for some ultimate summer time outdoor entertainment, you can set up a canvas, get some speakers outdoors, and lay out some bean bags and blankets and there you have it, and outdoor cinema. Invite your friends over for some wine, snacks and a great movie marathon in your backyard. 


All things considered, there are many ways to create a summer vibe in your backyard. Whether you want a relaxing space, a party backyard, or maybe even both, these tips above will help you get that ultimate summer vibe in your garden. 


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