Summer Tyre Are Not For You If You Don’t Check This Out.

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Summer tyres

On arrival of the summer season, the wardrobe of many people also changes. The warmer clothes get shifted to the bottom shelf and somewhere into a spare trolley. The same change is also essential for your car tyres. You need to change your tyres and use summer tyres in this season. The weather span between spring and autumn requires the use of summer tyres. The temperature determines the conditions in which the summer tyres would be used. If the temperature goes below 7 degrees, the traction properties are lost in a tyre.

The performance of the vehicle can be boosted up by using Summer Tyres Leek if the car owner has invested in a car delivering the best performance to enjoy driving. This article will let you know about the traits that you must look for while shopping for summer tyres. You will also get to know about a viable alternative.

Tread Durability

For the extra grip offered by the summer tyres, you need to pay a price. As compared to common all-season tyres, summer tyres wear out at a faster rate. Still, tread life has enhanced with time. At one time, summer tyres may last as long as less than 10,000 miles. Today, at least 20,000 service miles are offered by these tyres. But, the results may vary from driver to driver or car to car.


By offering the best turn-in response, summer tyres are excellent at handling. It can make any car feel more controllable, more responsive and livelier. Again, the construction, materials, and design must be given credit to. The compromises required for dealing with snowy surfaces and colder temperatures can be ignored by it.


Proper traction on wet and dry pavement, is delivered by a summer tyre. However, while pursuing the ultimate grip on dry pavement, some summer performance tyres sacrifice traction on a part of wet pavement. It can make your car hydroplane. In an emergency, this added traction could be a fender saver rather than a lifesaver, even if you don’t prefer performance driving. If you want to brake hard, the extra grip can make your car stop fast. The tread patterns and rubber compounds must be given the credit for this enhanced warm-weather traction. Compromises required for handling winter conditions like snow and ice can be ignored.

Cold Weather Barrier

Summer tyres don’t perform efficiently on a cold surface. They get hard and brittle under chilling temperature. The compound of tread in a summer tyre breaks down in the severe cold.

The critical temperature, however, is in the range of 38- to 40-degree before this occurs. The traction of a summer tyre is reduced at this time. The reduction in such grips occurs suddenly. As the tread becomes hard and brittle, the wearing rate also increases.

Stability at Elevated Speed

Summer tyres are excellent in this aspect. A surefooted feel can be offered at higher speeds, which can be found reassuring by the drivers. This can be described as a feeling of being solidly planted on the road surface by some drivers.

Go for summer tyres if:

Your driving region includes either a city route or outside the city

Maximum security is required

Your driving habit is dynamic

Durable tyres are needed

5-6 thousands of kilometres are driven per year

The tyres’ quietness and comfort are emphasized

Less effect of the tyres on fuel consumption are needed

An Alternative

It may be the case that Tyres Leek is not for your car. You don’t have a proper place to store the second tyre set in the off-season, or you are not interested in investing in the second wheels and tyre set. Many people also don’t prefer the hassle of switching from winter or all-season tyres to summer tyres and again switching back to all-season tyres after the summer passes away.

High and Ultra -performance all-season tyres must be considered if this is the case. They can be used year-round, deliver proper grip while cornering, turn-in sharp responses, are stable at higher speed, durable as compared to summer tyres, and cost less.


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