Sugar cravings? 10 best ways to beat your sugar addiction

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Are you craving more sugary snacks? Yes! You are not alone in the loop! Though it’s the festive season around there are a few individuals who tend to crave for more sugary snacks not only during the festive time but also other times of the day. Yes! Grabbing a candy bar or sweets right after having the food, gives you a short burst of energy and quickly leaves you more and more cravings for sugary things. It’s quite common to notice in many of us!

Are you searching on the internet looking for the ways to tame your sugar cravings? Fret not! Here we have compiled a few better ways that you can follow to manage your sugar cravings. Keep reading the post to know more!

Why do we crave for the sugary foods?

  • Sugar cravings occur due to the side-effects of certain food types or due to the bad habit which cultivated recently that might have programmed your brain. But, not only this would have triggered the issue, but certain underlying nutritional deficiency might also be the reason for the cause.
  • The brain stores have the reward-seeking behaviour and each time you think about the taste of some foods, the hippocampus plays a major role and brings longing sugary cravings in you. Also, if you consume low protein diet foods, it may also activate your sweet tooth to crave for more!
  • If you reduce the intake of carbohydrates from the diet, your body requires a sudden energy boost and this might make you crave for more sugary products.
  • Poor quality sleep may decrease your upper brain function and increase the junk food cravings the next day. This is due to the hormonal fluctuations that are occurring in the body. If you have difficulty with your sleeping and unable to get good quality sleep, and then consult a doctor to identify the problem. If medicines are prescribed, order them from any online medicine store at a discount and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.
  • Mineral deficiencies would be one reason for sugar cravings.
  • Increased consumption of sugar increases serotonin hormone that makes you feel happy throughout the day, but this makes the brain to crave more and more sugar products.

Best ways to fight sugar cravings:

Here are a few best ways to curb sugar cravings. Let’s look into them now!

1) Test the hormonal changes mainly cortisol and melatonin levels in the body.

2) Eat a little of sweets or snacks during the cravings. Avoid denying yourself for sweets and a little munching may help to keep your sweet tooth satisfied for a short time.

3) Mix up the foods you like with the sweets to satisfy your sugar cravings. For example, mix the nuts of your choice with the chocolate dip or fruits of your choice in a sauce prepared with the sugar. Yes! Mixing the healthy option with the sweets you like is the best way to satisfy your sugar cravings healthily.

4) Stock up a few fruits like cherries, berries, dates, prunes, smoothies, or your favourite trail mix and carry with you so that whenever the cravings strike you, munch on the nutritious and healthy sweet to nullify it. Always keep them handy so that, it’s not required you reach them in heights to pick things that increase your sugar levels a lot. So, make a healthy choice to beat the sugar cravings.

5) A few nutritionists suggest having chewing gum to avoid your sugar craving completely. Yes! There are a few studies which say that taking a chewing gum helps to reduce food cravings.

6) When cravings strike you, take a short walk this helps to change your food mood and helps to remove your food craving thoughts.

7) Reward yourself every time while dealing with your sugar cravings.

8) Check out whether the sugar cravings are triggered due to emotional stress, anxiety, or anger. So, consider your emotions and work against that if your sugar cravings are initiated due to the burst of emotional issues.

9) Having fermented foods like yoghurt helps to regulate your appetite and reduce your cravings for sugar. So, including a high-protein snack is so important to control both your cravings and appetite.

10) Try taking a chromium supplement as this mineral is unavailable in the foods we consume. Lack of minerals increases sweet cravings. So, take a good quality supplement as it to supplement the body with healthy blood sugar levels and to avoid cravings. Order your health supplements from the best online medical store at discount with on-time doorstep delivery at the comfort of your home.

Sugar cravings are common to notice in both men and women. The next time when you crave too much on sugary foods monitor the psychological and biological response of your body and check the triggering agent for the fondness of sweets is!


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