What Is The Success Rate Of IVF In India?

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Infertility acts like a curse for all those couples who wish to start a family but are not able to do so. While estimates change from time to time, it is noticed that infertility in general affects about one in six couples in India. 

In-vitro fertilization is a method in which the female egg is fused with the partner’s sperm but outside the body of the female. The result varies from couples to couples and also with the hospital with who you choose to be during and after this process. 

Furthermore, the IVF cycle involves stimulating ovaries to create numerous eggs and then retrieving them. Hence, these are then fertilised in the laboratory to create an embryo. 

IVF Success Rate In India

The success rate for infertility treatment in India can range from 30-35%, but if the 

scenario is of a younger woman, it can even escalate to 40%. Positive results in IVF are seen when the age of women is above 35.  

Live birth per embryo transfer is the base using which the success rate is calculated to assess the live birth rate. Using several improvements in technology like the “freeze in” method has led to high positivity rates in infertility treatment in India.

Factors To Consider Before Infertility Treatment

Here are some cardinal factors that should be considered for infertility treatment:

  • Age Of The Female

As when a female grows older the chances of IVF success rates tend to minimize. Therefore, positive results are seen in relatively young women. Well to be precise, the body and medical history of both partners play a very cardinal role.

  • Health Conditions Of The Couple

Both partners need to be healthy/should lead a healthy life for a healthy chance at getting positive results. 

  • Main Reason For Infertility

The main cause of infertility can have an impact on whether or not you should choose IVF.

  • The Surroundings

It is widely accepted that the environment should be extremely clean when it comes to these treatments. Smoking and drinking around these places can decrease the chances of a good result and the success rates tend to flutter. 

The Best Centre For Infertility treatment in India

The leading specialists at Max hospitals devote adequate time to contemplate each of the factors required to commence the process. Max hospital India is one of the best hospitals when it comes to infertility treatment in India.

From discovering the main reason for infertility to the type of infertility, everything discussed in an elaborate manner with the patient. To give the optimum results, the quality of eggs, sperm and embryo are checked and mandatory actions are taken thereafter. 

Due focus is laid on proper surroundings in the environment so that no adverse effects lead to negative results. 


All the couples who are facing a scenario like infertility should choose a hospital that should be able to provide a proper breeding clinic, like in the case of Max Healthcare. Since each and every step is crucial, Max hospital caters to give a good and successful experience with affordable pricing. 


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