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In recent years, more students have expressed an interest in pursuing a legal career. Because the law is one of the only professions that never goes out of style. Various legal admission tests have also become more competitive. For CLAT 2022, a subject-by-subject strategy is critical.

If you’re studying for the CLAT test in 2022 and want to succeed, you’ll need to plan ahead and put in the necessary work. Due to the fact that the test is just a few weeks away, anxiety levels are high among law students.

However, you should maintain your composure and remain focused on your CLAT preparation books and study material. We’ve put up a subject-by-subject CLAT preparation approach as well as some useful suggestions to help you master the Common Law Admission Test.


The English language is used extensively throughout the paper to assess your ability to comprehend and analyze content in a short amount of time. There are extensive chapters on current concerns, scientific topics, and significant historical events to help with this.
Before you begin answering the passage questions, read them carefully and jot down some notes. You’ll be able to swiftly answer the questions if you grasp the context of the paragraph.
The vocabulary questions concern the meanings of certain phrases and terms in the passage. If you’re unsure what a term means, look it up in the passage and read a few words before and after it.
You should practice reading as much as possible to be able to answer the questions in less time. It’s essential to read quickly. English newspapers and periodicals, particularly the editorial parts, might be read on a regular basis.

Current Events and General Knowledge

CLAT current affairs questions are usually based on events that occurred within the last year leading up to the test date. As a result, it’s even more important to read the newspapers. You’ll be able to find all of the significant news articles and events that might be brought up in the test.
To cover the unexplored areas, you could also consult internet publications and media websites. The test will include a variety of questions on people and events, as well as questions about the causes and effects of particular events, awards, and recognitions. You can do well in GK and CA if you keep up with the most recent current events and news from the previous year.

Legal Reasoning

The questions in this area are on legal issues, philosophical inquiries, public policies, news stories and literature about law, and so on. If you are someone who keeps up with current legal and moral concerns in the country, you will have an advantage.
You must solve previous year’s papers and several CLAT sample exam series to improve your legal reasoning preparation. It will assist you in understanding the kind of questions that will be asked on the test, the pattern, and how to answer them in a less amount of time.

Logical Reasoning

Problems containing passages, assertions, conclusions, assumptions, matrix/puzzle questions, and coding-decoding are common in CLAT logical reasoning.
The excerpts from The Hindu, Indian Express, and The Times of India were chosen for last year’s edition. Things get a little easier for you if you’ve been reading these newspapers attentively.
The majority of the questions are designed to test your ability to think critically and logically. You must be quick to recognize the passage’s conclusions and premises, as well as grasp its overall topic. Solving sample papers, mock exams, and reading newspapers every day are the greatest ways to prepare for this.

Quantitative Techniques

This is an example of a topic where you can get a perfect score. You’ll need to study and practice a variety of topics, including ratios and proportions, area and volume, geometrical figures, probability, and key formulae for these ideas. You should also be familiar with unit conversions such as inches to feet, inches to centimeters, and so on.
It’s important to note that the exam isn’t only about testing your arithmetic abilities; it’s also about testing your ability to evaluate graphical data and other factors. As a result, brace yourself for some logic-based problems.

Final Thoughts

This was all about CLAT strategy and recommendations for each area to help you pass the law entrance test. Following your CLAT online lessons, you should spend time practicing tests, sample papers, and previous year problems, as well as revising everything before the exam.

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