Stylish Ways to Transform Shower [Infographic]

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In any home, business establishment, or public places: malls, transport buildings, etc., bathrooms are essential. Since the coronavirus pandemic, people were asked to stay indoors and observe proper health protocols while in public places where good hygiene happens, have local governments prioritize efforts in sanitation. So, even with the worldwide lockdowns and economic pressures, the bathroom remodeling industry’s sales skyrocketed as more people center their home/ workplace improvements closely related to where hygiene occurs.

And while you are thinking of what bathroom remodeling improvement you would want to happen in your bath and shower area, continue reading this article. We are about to share different ways to style your bathroom to better your bath and shower experience.


Repaint the Walls

Before anything else, as easy as it may look, you need to have someone to first check the condition of your bathroom walls and even ceilings before applying that fresh coat of paint. Should there be any cracks, moisture, or mold growth evident in the walls and ceilings, calling for an expert bath and shower check-up can spare you damages and have the problem eliminated before the start of the repainting.


After the wall and ceiling check-up, it’s time to apply that paint color that you’ve been eyeing to do the wonder of bringing new life to your bathroom. Go for color schemes that exude relaxation and cleanliness to encourage people who use your bath and shower to be mindful of their health and hygiene the best way they can.

Replace Curtains with Glass Walls
Bathroom dividers have come a long way, from shower curtains to the use of plywood, to concrete, to framed glass walls, back to shower curtains, and now frameless glass walls. More and more people replace their shower curtains with the aesthetic appeals and functionality of glass panels as bath and toilet dividers. These glass walls or shower enclosures come in different sizes and shapes. Some are available as do-it-yourself kits. Others can be set up by local bath and shower remodeling companies and can be customizable according to your need and preference.

These frameless shower panels emphasize the beautiful bathroom tiles and allow an airy ambiance inside the room.

Add Window Panels

The airy ambience that can be provided by glass panels can be amped up by adding window panels in the comfort room. Adding window panels allow natural wind and light to flow in and out of the area, and regarding privacy, most homeowners use window curtains or blinds to block potential prying eyes. 

Add Lighting Fixtures
If you want a lighting fixture that will make your bathroom area look neat and cozy, remember this: only use three layers of light. The vanity area, the shower, and the toilet will all need different lighting to make it feel stylish and comfortable. Good lighting for even a small bathroom can make a significant difference.

You may opt to place lighting on the side of your vanity mirror at an eye level as a statement for your vanity area, another light to give an ambient atmosphere, and accent light to highlight your featured bathroom décor.

Now that suggestion for your bathroom remodeling is given, and still find yourself hesitant. You might ask, “Why should I consider doing a bathroom upgrade?”, well, it’s because one great benefit of bath remodeling is the value it adds to your property that can become a future asset. Bathroom updates are a smart move, and they never get old. Small bath and shower updates can equal returns exceeding your expectation.

Learn more about bathroom styling and transformation through this infographic.


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Holen Sie sich die beste EOTRH-Behandlung für das Pferd, um die Zugrunde Liegenden Schmerzen zu Lindern


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