Styling Tips for People Who Wear Glasses

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People who have to wear glasses think that glasses take away all the fun from an outfit. While some of it may be true, as glasses can hide a considerable portion of your face and if you are wearing eye makeup, glasses will hide that too. Many people can rock glasses with their outfit and some cannot even think of attending a formal or an important event with glasses.

This seems like a weird concept, since weak eye sight is a natural phenomenon and you should not be ashamed of that. The only thing you must do is to whole heartedly accept the fact that you are a glasses person and you can rock every look in the best way. Here are some of the classy ways you can style your look with the  or even without them.

Watch Your Face Type              

Harry potter and the round  has hooked many of us with the idea of magic in simple things. Sure the trend took on years ago and many people still buy Harry Potter’s style. Sure, you are a fan and that’s understandable but maybe your face type does not welcome round glasses.

To get a trendy and popular thing is one thing but to get what looks classy on you is the real deal. And this is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right glasses for your face. Check for guides online that tell the most suitable types of glasses for each face type. Or wear multiple frames to find the best one for you. We recommend you to take an honest friend with you on your  hunt so you could get some genuine advice.

Little Accessories

Your frames will compete with anything long, dangly or statement-making and overwhelm your face. Instead, stick to finer parts that, without being too distracting, can add only a touch of polish. You want to see your  as a purposeful accessory—not a just-rolled-out-of-bed error. And sparkly little studs will help, delicately, pull it all together.

Play With Colors under the Glasses

And, instead, pick a navy liner and a light shade. When magnified by your , black wings can read a little harshly. But a deep blue, while brightening up the whites, will describe the eyes just the same. Pair your lids with a rose-gold eye shadow sweep, and you’re good to go it specialist

Compliment the Color of your Frames

We’re all usually up for some fun fashion mismatching, but you should be conscious of color coordination when it comes to glasses. (Since your face is involved, you know.) For example, keep gold jewelry if you have brown or tortoise frames. Stick to silver or stones whether you have silver, clear or cool-toned glasses. But! Oh, but! Anything goes if you have black specs.

Get Away from the Nerd Look

Although we love an oversized sweater and comfortable leggings as much as the next person, wearing them with glasses makes us feel like we’re preparing for our college exams. As compared to a big office meeting. To stay polished, keep at least one feature of your outfit on the dresser side (such as a tailored jacket or a pair of pointy flats just to look flashy).

Or Skip the Glasses

Sure, not everyone is convinced with the idea of glasses no matter how weak their eye sight is. If you are one of those people who do not want to compromise their eye makeup by wearing glass over it then you should skip them. And when you skip them use a good quality contact lenses.

You don’t want to ignore people just because your vision was blurred. Buy few pairs of contacts that will not only match your type but also give you a high quality vision. We recommend you to use the promo code to get some amazing discounts on high quality contact lenses.


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