Student Accommodation- Everything You Must Know Before Stepping Foot Into Dream World

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For a couple of years now,  you had your head immersed in humungous books, got your dream grades, and secured the cherished spot in your dream college finally- Congratulations! If you are moving out of your home sweet home, you now have only a month or even less than that to pack up everything and move on to a new chapter.

Moving out of your parent’s house and starting a new life of your own at the university is a dream that millions of us have seen. However, it can be one of the most exciting and baffling times that you will ever experience. Although this can be a brilliant start but can quickly turn into an ugly experience if you don’t have suitable accommodations.

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If you are well-fed and cozy, it will always have an impact on your happiness enjoyment.  But, of course, searching for the right place to stay in a new city across the ocean is easier said than done. There’s no need to worry, though, as we have compiled this essential guide that will help you choose a place that suits your needs and help you make most of your time overseas.

Let’s dive right in!

Types Of Student’s Accommodation You Must Explore  

According to a survey of the Unite Students, 36% of undergraduate students live in private halls or universities, 27% in shared houses, 18% at home, and 19% find other student’s accommodation.

There are various options for international student accommodation, along with numerous considerations and checkpoints you must run through before making a choice. Regardless of your budget, there will always be choices available for you. Thus, make an informed decision among the options enlisted below-

  • Halls Of Colleges And Residence

If the words of top essay writers around the world are to go by, these are generally affiliated with or owned by an institution. They are situated on campus or close to it. Students tend to usually rent a single bedroom and share provisions like bathroom and kitchen facilities.

All utilities like electric, gas, and water are incorporated in the fees. There are numerous benefits, like you are likely to be close to other university buildings, and university takes care of the safety. There is a constant opportunity to socialize and meet new people. However, this kind of accommodation can be too expensive, and the quality of such facilities is likely to vary significantly.

  • Homestay

With a homestay, you can have a home overseas with a family. They will offer you the warmth of a community and the freedom of the hostel. Additionally, a homestay can often be an outstanding place for language and cultural immersion.

You will generally get a private room, but you will share the bathroom and other common spaces with the family. Food is included, so you don’t need to get into the hassle of cooking and grocery shopping. There may be certain rules and regulations that you will be required to follow. Although homestays are incredibly affordable, you may need to spend time and money on local transportation for your commute.

  • College Apartments

Rather than university colleges or halls of residence, college apartments offer students a more independent style of living. Apartments are usually self-contained and incorporate a kitchen, bathroom, and small living area. Utilities can or cannot be covered in the rental costs, and you may have to pay extra for broadband services.

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  • Renting

Renting involves moving out on your own or into a shared house or flat with friends or even complete strangers. One can find shared houses through real estate websites, word of mouth, newspapers, or on student noticeboards of your college campus.

It offers you much more independence than other styles of housing, helping you become responsible and self-sufficient. However, it be a pricey option if you choose to live on your own and if you are renting with others, you will face challenges adjusting with people of different lifestyles.


  • Hostels

Hostel accommodation is a popular choice for students aiming to move from a regional area, interstate, or overseas to study. They offer a good short-term option until something more permanent can be arranged.

The price of hostel accommodation depends both on the location and the kind of services offered. You can also expect to pay more for twin-sharing or private rooms than dorm-style accommodation. However, the downside to this otherwise lucrative option is that you are required to share facilities with numerous people.

Golden Strategies To Choose The Perfect Student Accommodation

  • Consider The Money

The most crucial aspect of moving to a new place is money. Make sure to double-check the rent costs accurately and whether they can cover your monthly outgoings. If you are renting privately, it’s wise to have a guarantor line up before agreeing to take up the property. Check the deposit as it may vary from property to property. Your deposit should cover the damages or missed rent payments. Know that your deposit must be protected at all times. It requires to be legally registered with a government-backed deposit scheme within 30 days.

  • Think Before You Sign

It is always wise to read through the whole contract diligently before you sign on the dotted line. Undeniably, it can be quite the essay, however, it will be worth it if any issues arise during your tenancy. Again, be careful not to tie yourself into a too long or short contract for what you require. Make sure to read all the rules and regulations of the property before signing. Pay good attention to all the details on repair or damage issues and who will be liable.

  • Choose The Location Wisely

Every student accommodation is not close to your university campus. Therefore, it is essential to evaluate the location of your potential student property beforehand. Remember, it is not only crucial to consider the distance from your university, but also vital to consider the distance to local supermarkets, transport links, and areas of interest.

  • The Quality Should Match The Price

Finding quality student accommodation can be quite difficult in today’s market. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. The best place to begin your search for a new ‘home away from home’ is to look on the internet and local rental agencies. Look at both of these places, and you may come across certain fantastic deals with ease.

Now, when you are going through online rental listings, be sure to look at all the features that the property has to determine whether or not it will meet your needs. Who knows, you may come across something great on a strict budget that works for you.

You Have Got This….

We know there is ample information out there, and too many Google searches can often send you for a tailspin. Do not get too overwhelmed! Finding accommodation abroad isn’t so different from searching for a place to live in your hometown.The main thing is to ensure you are comfortable and secure where you are living. This should be a journey and one that leads you to your home away from home. You are only a student once, so make sure you enjoy every part of it. Let the wanderlust begin now!

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