Three easy steps to create a video ad

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Video ads continue to grow in scale year after year, and many companies are using videos for promotions and product explanations. For those who are in charge of companies and think of producing video ads, this article will explain the steps to create a video ad and the production points for each purpose in an easy-to-understand manner.

You may also be wondering if you can create your own video ads or if you should ask them somewhere. We will also explain the equipment and skills required for in-house production, what kind of suppliers there are, and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

3 steps to create a video ad

Companies publish many different types of videos, such as company promotions and new product introductions, but do you know how these are produced? The production of video ads is roughly divided into three steps: planning, video creation, and publication. Here, we will explain each step in an easy-to-understand manner.

Step 1. Planning

The production of video ads begins with thinking about “planning.” First of all, let’s clarify the target group and the purpose of the video. What to tell in the video ad, who is your target audience and how long is your video ad.  For example, it is necessary to make the project as specific as possible.

Once you have a clear target audience and purpose for your video, decide on a scenario and consider your video length and taste, delivery timing, video delivery platform, and budget.

Decide whether the taste is live-action or animation, and decide the approximate release month for the delivery timing. In addition to SNS such as YouTube and Instagram, video distribution platforms can be published on our own website.

Then, consider the budget, decide whether to produce the video ad in-house or ask the production company.

Step 2. Video production

In step 2, you will shoot video and record audio. When the video material is ready, you can connect the videos, cut off spare parts, add background music, sound effects, narration, etc., to complete the video. Many free video ad makers are available in the market. They even offer preset video ad templates for you to enrich your video ad.

Step 3. Publish

We all know how social media impacts our business. When the video ad is completed, you need to publish the video to suitable platforms,  such as YouTube or our own site. After publishing, check the number of clicks, the number of views, the CV rate, etc.

Why create a video ad

The content of video advertisements varies depending on the purpose of the advertisement. Here, we will explain the points of production according to the primary purpose of video advertising.

1. The video advertisement for service introduction

Video ads are a game in the first 5 seconds, so it’s important to be clear about what you want to convey in the first stages of video playback. In addition, let’s make a scenario that reflects the content, such as creating a structure that will make you interested in the way of communicating with impact, incorporating a story that is conscious of the change of origin, and thinking about the flow line that encourages action after watching the video.

2. To increase awareness

The point of video advertising aimed at “increasing awareness” is whether the video has an impact by appointing celebrities or adopting music that tends to leave an impression. In addition, you can expect to improve the recognition by inserting the name and logo you want to be recognized in the video.

3. To build trust

As an effect of promotional video advertisements such as facility information, it is expected that the sense of trust and security will be improved by communicating the specific facilities and services of various facilities that cannot be known from the outside attractively and accurately through the video.

However, if the viewer finds it confusing, they may not see the continuation of the video. It is important to avoid jargon and obscure words and be aware of making videos accessible for anyone to see.

4. To make it accessible for everyone

It is important to create a how-to that shows how to use the product from the viewer’s perspective. It is necessary to devise a concrete and easy-to-understand way, such as inserting explanations of technical terms and separating each group of explanations.


Video advertisements have points to be produced according to the purpose of utilization, and it is indispensable to hold down those points in order to create the desired effect.

In addition, it is necessary to decide whether to produce in-house or to ask a production company, etc., considering the budget and period for production. Each production method has its advantages and disadvantages, so choose the production method that suits your company. Please refer to this article and consider how to create your own video ad.



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