Standard Connection Methods to Setup Canon Printer

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Canon MX922 standard connection method allows allowed devices (such as PIXMA printers) to connect to the network without entering a password, and provides a quick and easy device connection method for Canon MX922 Setup.

Canon MX922 Standard Connection Method

Step 1

  • Press the [Menu] button (A) on the printer.

Step 2

  • Use the [] button (A) to navigate to the [Wireless LAN Settings] or [WLAN Settings] icon.
  • Then press the [OK] button (B). The connection is enabled.

Step 3

The display on the printer should be, as shown below:

  • Press the [Stop/Reset] button.
  • The following screen will appear. Select [Standard Settings].
  • The printer will now search for all available wireless networks nearby.
  • Use the [] button to highlight the name (or SSID) of your wireless network, and then press the [OK] set button to select it.
  • If you are not sure of the name of your wireless network, it may be printed on a label on your access point, or by checking the network to which your computer is connected.
  • Or, if you cannot see your system in the list, please press the left function button (A) [Search again].
  • One of the following screens will be displayed on the printer, depending on the security method used by your access point. WPA / WPA2 Press the [OK] button.

Enter the network password (WEP key or passphrase). Again, if you are unsure of the password of your wireless network, it may be on a printed label on your access point, character entry is case-sensitive.

You can enter the characters when the keyboard is displayed on the printer. Follow the procedure below

  • When the on-screen keyboard (shown above) is displayed, press the central function button (A) to switch to a keyboard that supports the characters you want to use.
  • Provides three types of keyboards (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers/symbols).
  • Each press of the central function button changes the keyboard type.
  • Use the [] (B) button to select a character from the keyboard, and then press the [OK] button to enter the character.
  • The entered characters appear in the upper part of the on-screen keyboard (C).
  • To delete a character, press the right soft key [Delete Character].
  • Repeat a and b to enter the remaining characters. After completion, press the left function key to select [Finish], and enter the network password.
  • Make sure the network password is correct.
  • If you make a mistake, press [OK] to edit the password you entered.
  • Press the left function button [Finish Setting] to connect to your network.
  • The following screen appears, press [OK] to return to the menu screen.
  • This concludes the standard connection setup process.
  • Now proceed to install the software to take full advantage of your PIXMA MX922.
  • If you do not have the installation CD that came with the product, please use the Canon PIXMA MX920 series printer software to continue.
  • If what you are looking for is how to set wireless with the WPS Connection Method .

Canon pixma mx922 wireless setup for android device

  • Make sure that the Canon mx922 printer and mobile phone are connected to the network.
  • Download the Canon printer application on your phone from the Play Store.
  • Open the application and click Search for available printers.
  • The application will be displayed on your printer.
  • Choose Canon pixma mx922.
  • Allow ij to start the permission of canon mx922 printer and mobile phone to exchange data. Now, mobile printing for your Canon pixma mx922 printer is properly enabled.

How to Setup Canon Wireless Printer/ install canon printer 

If you are looking for ways to Canon printer wireless setup, then you’ll be glad to know it’s an easy process. Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned below to understand how to setup canon printer wirelessly.

Method 1:

WPS Set Up Connection :

  • Turn on your Canon Printer and place it near the router for easy access to the WPS Button.
  • You need to hole on the Wi-Fi button on the printer till the light is on.
  • Click on the WPS Button after a couple of minutes.
  • During the process of searching for a network, the blue Wi-Fi light will be on.
  • After the connection is set up, the Power and Wi-Fi lights will not fluctuate.
  • Print a Test Page to check the connectivity.

Method 2: 

Canon Standard Connection Method: 

If you don’t have a WPS feature in a router, you need to use the Canon Standard Connection Method to get your answer to How to set up a canon printer.

  • Connect your PC to Printer for the network settings
  • Load the papers in the input tray.
  • Now press and hold the resume or cancel button for a few seconds.
  • Verify the connection status and the network name in the information page

How to Prepare:

Make sure that the printer is switched on and connected correctly for setup.

  • Check the wired Ethernet cable and check if the driver is installed in the system.
  • Now connect the printer to the Internet and check the speed.
  • If you are using a router, connect it to the computer.
  • How to install a Canon printer How to install a Canon printer for the Windows operating system: Click the Start button, and then click Settings to open it.
  • Go to the “Settings” window and click “Devices”.
  • Click Printers and Scanners.
  • Click the-Add Printer or Scanner option, which will add the printer to the list.
  • Connect it to the same network that the printer is connected to.

The above steps will complete the setup on your device, and you can start using your printer effortlessly.

Canon Printer Setup For Mac OS:

Know to how to install canon printer on mac 

  • Go to the System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners.
  • Click on the + symbol, and it will add the printer.
  • Click on the printer and select the printer and then add it.
  • If you have a router connected, make sure that you connect the Mac device and the printer to the same network. You can verify the connection, and you can print a test page.

Now you know how to install canon printer on a mac.

canon printer troubleshooting Ways – 

By continuing the hard reset process, you can perform Canon printer troubleshooting without any problems. The steps are as follows:

  • Turn off the printer and unplug the cable.
  • Unplug the cable from the back of the printer.
  • Wait a few minutes, and then plug in the printer.
  • Make sure to plug the printer directly back into the socket, and do not use a surge printer.
  • Plug the cable into the back of the printer, turn on the Canon printer, and wait for it to stop making noise.
  • Perform a test print and check the response of the Canon printer.

By performing a hard reset process, you can resolve Canon printing problems.


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