SportsCafe’s Expert Betting Tips for IPL 2021 Phase 2

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In Indian cricket, there is not much bigger than the Indian Premier League (IPL). As soon as IPL came into the picture in 2008, it became a global hit, thanks to its blend of big-hitting and immense glamour. Due to this widespread popularity of the Indian Premier League, IPL cricket betting has additionally become tremendous, with people putting bets on each aspect of every game, from the outcome of the toss to the champion team.

If you are also wondering how to bet safely in this Phase 2 of IPL 2021, this article is only for you. This article will cover everything you need to know about the Indian Premier League Betting and how you can place your bets safely. 

IPL (Indian Premier League) Cricket Betting: What Bet Types Are Most Popular? 

The primary reason IPL cricket betting is gaining huge popularity in India and the rest of the world is that you can find the best IPL cricket bets of all sizes and shapes. Mentioned hereunder are some of the more prevalent IPL bets placed are:

  • Top run-scorer
  • Match winner
  • Player score
  • Top wicket-taker
  • Winner of the toss
  • Method of dismissal
  • Most sixes
  • Under/over

Apart from this, you can also bet on future matches, with the most well-liked betting on the IPL team to win the entire competition. Also, trying to predict which teams will get through to the knockout levels is popular, as is betting on the champions who win the orange and purple caps.

Understanding The Betting Odds Of IPL T20

As per the cricket news sites, the betting websites utilize decimal odds, the most simplistic odds to comprehend. This implies that you will examine your Indian Premier League T20 betting probabilities presented as a whole, such as 4.5. Then, double the odds by your stake to pull out how much you will gain if you put that bet. 

For instance, you aspire to put a wager on Chris Gayle scoring a half-century against Delhi, and you get odds of 3.5. If you were to put a bet of 100, you would get 100 x 3.5 back if Chris Gayle scores a run of 50 or more, which is 350. This would be your first stake and 250 in winnings. However, one significant tip you must remember while placing your bet is that the higher the amount, the less risk you have, and there are more odds of making more money. 

A Quick Rundown On The IPL (Indian Premier League)

If you are a cricket enthusiast, you will almost certainly know about the Indian Premier League. Nevertheless, if you do not, here is a quick overview of the IPL T20 cricket league. The Indian Premier League is the world’s biggest T20 match, and it happens each year. 

It holds eight teams from around the country, and some of the world’s most popular cricket players, even Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar himself, played in, leading to the crease for the Mumbai Indians from the year 2008 until the year 2013. As a result, the Mumbai Indians are the most thriving Indian Premier League team of all season, having won the title five times. 

On the other hand, MS Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings won three seasons, while Kolkata Knight Riders gained the title twice. The other IPL teams currently in this tournament are Delhi Capitals,  Kings XI Punjab, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Rajasthan Royals. 

However, how precisely does a team run about winning the Indian Premier League (IPL)? Initially, they have to play with every other team in the tournament twice, earning two points every time they triumph. 

Once they finish the season in the best four and they enter the playoffs. The 1st and 2nd positioned teams to play with each other, with the winner of the IPL live score point table advancing straight to the final, while the 3rd and 4th won teams also play. The champion of the match between 3rd and 4th faces the losing team from the tournament between 1st and 2nd placed team, with the winner of this title to the final match. 

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