10 Types of Sofa that Can Help Upgrade Your Living Room

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The living room is a focal point of interior spaces that can turn the whole environment welcoming and pleasurable. If you are setting up your dream home or just upgrading your living room furniture, you need a good sofa to add a perfect finishing touch to your entire space. Couldn’t agree more? 

Customer should always invest in a sofa that represents your lifestyle, personality, and ensures comfort at all levels, keeping you relaxed all day long. You might have seen furniture transformation with every passing time, but some sofa design trends never go out of style. You can look for contemporary sofasin different designs, colors, and themes to turn your living room into a masterpiece. 

Now sit and relax while we take you through all classic sofa styles and types that will be a perfect fit for your living room. So without any further ado, let’s get into it. 

contemporary sofas

1. Slipcovered Sofa 

For homeowners seeking a lavish farmhouse or cottage look can opt for a slipcovered sofa. This features a quiet tranquil construction, ensuring to deliver comfort and inviting vibes, whenever guests come over to your place or you relax on it at the end of the day. As slipcovers can be removed easily, you don’t have to bother about the mess around kids and pets, especially when you pick sturdy fabric like cotton, twill, or duck. This sofa style will remain in style and fresh for ages. 

2. Leather Sofa 

A leather sofa is an excellent option for someone who wants to bring warmth and fascinating texture to the living space. While leather sofas used to be a bit oversized and bulky, nowadays you will find these in a variety of sizes and shapes. Leather has always been everyone’s favorite material and when you combine this with your sofa, you will sure to receive many compliments. 

3. Sectional Sofa 

If you’ve got a large family, step ahead and invest in a trendy sectional sofa. It is one of the most popular sofa styles that give the freedom to customize the furniture according to your space and requirement. It is a practical piece of furniture that features multiple seating options without letting you make any compromises with the style. You can use huge, fluffy cushions and fancy pillows to make your sectional sofa your favorite spot to relax. 

4. Mid-Century Sofa 

If you lean more towards modernism, don’t forget to look for mid-century-inspired sofa designs. These are clean-lined sofas that are ideal for small-scale rooms. Some finishing touches like piped edges, tapered legs, and classy material make it look more tailored and unique.  

5. Camelback Sofa 

Camelback sofa gives complete justice to its name as it features legs and scrolled arms, arched back, and practical shape. This sofa style remains widely popular due to its up-to-date appearance, upright structure, and holistic shape. It is a perfect choice for those looking to create a functional living room where they can spend time and have a conversation with friends and family.  

6. Chesterfield Sofa 

Whenever you want to make a strong statement, the Chesterfield sofa is your best solution. It is generally characterized by its deep seat, high arms, and pretty diamond-tufted arms and back. This sofa design gives enough seating space for the entire family to pile on. 

7. Upholstered Settee 

Have limited space in your living area and don’t know what to do? Don’t you worry; go for adorable and petite settees. The upholstered settee offers all the comfort, aesthetic, and style of a full-size sofa on a slightly slimmed downscale. Besides the living room, you can also consider installing this option in a bedroom, workspace, or anywhere you’d like to make a little cozy spot. 

8. Cane Sofa 

It’s time to blend the sophistication of modern and traditional sofa designs by installing a cane sofa. It features a structured, woven-wood frame with a classy bench-style cushion and fancy pillows. This style is becoming very common these days and is perfect to add a vintage and luxury touch to your interior space. 

9. Loveseats 

Want a cozier living room? Install a loveseat that is as deep, classy, and high as a traditional sofa, helping you save space in the widths. It offers a comfortable seating area for one or two people. This sofa style is usually used together and placed in an L-shaped configuration. 


10. Trundle Sleeper Sofa 

This sofa style allows you to turn your seating space into a comfortable and spacious sleeping area. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? You simply need to pull the front rails of the couch rolls and you will have a cozy trundle mattress. It is convenient to set up and easily blends in with the aesthetic of any room. This will be a great spot for lounging when you have movie nights with your family and friends.  

You can also invest in an extending dining tableto make seating for unexpected guests and go from solo breakfast to family dinners in just a few seconds.  

Wrapping Up 

With a plethora of sofas to choose from, it might be daunting to make the smart choice. If you’re looking for luxury sofas that are built to last, look good, and sustainable, you can approach furniture retailers like Adventures in Furniture to explore better options. Whether you’re into neutrals like cream, grey, brown, or prefer bright shades more, always opt for upholstery that fits your lifestyle and complements your living room well. 


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