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Social media is second to none following the benefits it draws for the business in today’s digital landscape. Therefore, every company wants to leverage social media to enhance its social presence, leading to the avid interest in social media packages 2021.

Although the businesses have specified the marketing budgets, in truth, they get stuck when it comes to how much to spend on social media. And it is like this all across the globe. So, considering the need, we have decided to spotlight the Social Media Marketing packages.


What’s the need for social media packages?

Frankly speaking, creating social networks profiles (Facebook page, Instagram accounts, etc.) is not difficult for people except for a small proportion. However, its management and tracking are pretty tricky and time-consuming.

Admittedly, the professionals shape the creative and result-focused strategies and content to let you have a positive online presence. Furthermore, the specialist can take care of the timely monitoring and updating on your behalf. Therefor, Hiring Social Media Marketing Services is a wise choice by selecting an affordable one from the social media packages 2021.


Essentials & Services included in the Social Media Marketing packages in Pakistan.

Companies always have a different course of action to get a job done. Therefore, the provided services also differ somehow especially following the social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.). However, we list the most likely to be generalized among them, but they can vary from agency to agency.

  • Social media strategy (SMM platform strategy)
  • Marketing Plan (calendar for content and posting)
  • Social media audits
  • Competitor analysis
  • Brand reputation analysis
  • Managing the Social Media accounts/ profiles of the platforms
  • Profiles keywords optimization
  • Content creation for the posts and the advertisements (infographics, blogs, videos, and images)
  • Besides, profiles and background designs.
  • Stock photos and graphic design of the posts
  • Posting on different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)
  • Pages and posts likes and tweets
  • Posts boosting
  • Lead generation and conversions tracking
  • Finally, progress reporting to clients every month.


Social Media Marketing Company Packages 

Apparently, the price of social media marketing services for small businesses differ from the huge brands or corporations. While scanning over the smm packages 2021, you will come across the specific words named to the packages.

  • Starter plan, business plan, and professional plan or enterprise plan
  • Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.
  • Basic, standard, and premium
  • Basic, plus, and pro

Moreover, some charge you based on your chosen networks, for instance, two networks, three or four. Others depend on the number of services per the network.

Now, let’s have a look at:


Prices of the Social Media Marketing packages in Pakistan

  • We are going to list different plans and pricing that we have gathered after surveying various companies regarding social media packages 2021.
  • Gold plan starting at $157.50 (around 26,000 in Pakistani rupees), Platinum at $262.50 (43000 PKR) and Diamond at $420.00 (69,000 PKR) per month.
  • Starter plan = $109.46 (18,000 PKR), business plan = $182.43 (30,000 PKR), enterprise plan = $304.06 (50,000 PKR) per month.
  • Basic = $200 (32,890 PKR), standard = $300 (49,336 PKR), and premium = $500 (82,226 PKR) per month.
  • Starter plan, business plan = $200 (32,890 PKR), professional plan = $350 (50,000 PKR) per month.
  • Gold plan = 35,000 PKR, Platinum = 60,000 PKR and Diamond 100,000 PKR per month.


Looking for customized packages? 

Indeed, each business has a specific niche and thus a different audience to serve. That’s why the suitable networks and required services are also distinct. So they want to get some and leave the other services – customization. However, no worries as many of the companies provide customized Social Media Marketing packages in Pakistan.

Typically, after being overwhelmed by the packages, however, the quality of the services matters the most to the individuals. Still and all, it’s not like they can walk with the expensive ones and get out of budget. So the second factor taken into account is affordability. Therefore, they chose the Social Media Marketing packages that best fit the business needs and budget.

Be quick about it, find the best of the best social media packages 2021 for your business, and start socializing and attracting loyal customers.


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