Social Media Good or Bad Debate Points

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Social media is fast becoming an essential part of people’s lives. Today’s generation is much more interested in gaining knowledge than purchasing.

Social Media, makes it easy to teach, share and find information in ways not possible before. It can be of great benefit to you and your business.

You receive personal gains and advantages for using social media and on a broader organizational level.

Social media is an excellent place for all types of businesses. Start-ups, small businesses, and even major corporations can share information that can be beneficial throughout the organization’s mission.

Whether you are just looking to expand your audience, engage, or interact with them on a more personal level, there are many ways you can use social media in your business.

Social media offers more channels and platforms with which to reach the world. People can interact with each other all over the internet.

Different types of Social Media Platform: 

With the advancement of technology and the expansion of new media every day, a new social media platform emerges. However, some giant social media platforms are running successfully at the moment. Here are some of the types of social media:

Information sharing Social media

Facebook is the prime example of such type of social media. Although it was created as a tool to communicate between the students on the campus, with time, it grew so powerful and robust that more than half of the world uses Facebook to share personal and professional information. Another example is Twitter.

Picture-centered Social Media

Instagram and Pinterest are among the popular picture-centric online platform that engages and connects people. After Facebook, Instagram has become the second most popular online platform tool for self-promotion, advertisement, brand building, and creating value in people’s lives.

Video-based social media platform

YouTube has been a transformational platform when it comes to the revolution. It is one of the tools that bring entertainment into people’s lives and give access to information, knowledge, and wisdom. Whereas, another trending video-based platform is Ticktok that has swept the world right off from its feet.

Long-form content sharing platform

Everyone likes to share their thoughts and opinions with others. Platforms like or WordPress has been a helpful tool to communicate with the broader audience. This can be an act of journaling the critical event of lives or for the cause of the greater good to spread positivity with the world. According to Best Ghostwriting Services long form of content sharing platform has opened the gates to mass information, and led us to the information and knowledge age.


  • It provides a free advertising opportunity
  • online platform outlets also keep people updated on significant events,
  • Provide timely and new information.
  • Keep the individuals interested and up-to-date with what’s going on in the world around them.
  • It’s an excellent tool for learning
  • It offers collaborations and new adventures for both individuals and businesses.
  • Social media is a perfect tool to expand your audience.
  • It provides new channels, helps expand your reach, and gets you closer to your customers.
  • Social media have changed the way people communicate, connect and share ideas.
  • Social media provides a platform for people to learn and share knowledge and experiences with others from all fields.
  • Using social media can make your business visible to a larger audience and help grow your business organically.
  • Social media are so good that if you post something on there, the likes and shares will boost your message even more.
  • It’s incredible how many people are greeted on online platform sites by their followers with positive messages.
  • Helps in creating a sense of unity and offers mass awareness.
  • Can be a game-changer for world politics.
  • Also an excellent tool for social advocacy and raising awareness for the social injustices, inequalities and highlighting the systematic violence against a particular community and the minority group.
  • The digital world that we live in today is one in which communication has taken place faster than ever before.

Social media have evolved into such a massive market that it’s hard to name a single benefit that these platforms offer.

The list of advantages of social media will go on and on. You are likely to get better results if you connect with people from your industry professionally.


However, there are disadvantages to some social media. How To Increase Instagram Followers

  • You can’t mainly control things once you are on the online platform, and that is the lack of privacy and control, which brings to a significant concern.
  • People think that they are controlling social media platforms. Instead, they are also the puppet at times.
  • The lack of privacy and the theft of information is a significant concern.
  • When you share all your personal information or the data on the internet available for people to see, you make yourself vulnerable as anyone can easily manipulate that information, abuse it, or stolen.
  • The loss of personal information at the hands of hackers and social engineers is still a significant concern.
  • It can be addictive and deprive you of your original goal. At the same time, many people are against social media because it provides endless avenues for marketers to manipulate customers’ minds into signing up for their product or service 100% Guranteeed loans.
  • It increases the narcissism in people as people become self-obsessed. This can happen in several ways, such as clicking and uploading selfies every day, getting obsessed with the likes and comments of their posts.
  • Just as it is quick to deliver timely news, but it is not always authentic news. It is easy to disseminate hate messages, false information, rumors, and gossips using social media platforms.

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