Smart Storage Solutions for a Tiny Bathroom

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One of the biggest problems with small rooms is that they can easily get cluttered. Not only does this make it smaller, but also uncomfortable and annoying. Bathrooms tend to pile up lots of clutter because they have scarce storage spaces. However, you can achieve a great deal with the following hacks for smart storage solutions for a tiny bathroom. 

Add shelves to the walls

If you have a tiny bathroom, then shelves may be the first thing that came to your mind. A classic row of shelves mounted on the walls is useful, but to make it more stylish — try something different. Floating shelves will create a dynamic scene and you can use them to keep plants and a stack of towels. If you mount them by the mirror, you can clear the vanity and keep the toothbrush and toothpaste here. 

A set of baskets serving as shelves will give a romantic and gentle look to your tiny bathroom. You can use them for makeup, perfumes, and body products. Additionally, a large shelf over the door may be a good place to store cleaning products away from kids and pets or to keep extra toiletries. 

Introduce a small standing shelf

Tiny bathrooms usually don’t have room for big standing shelves, but a small one can have both decorative and functional purposes. It’s also a perfect option if you don’t want to drill holes in your tiles and bathroom walls. By the bathtub is an ideal spot for this type of shelves with a few candles on top to light when you soak and relax.

Instead of buying one, you can repurpose a bar cart with comes with an additional perk — wheels. Thanks to that you can move it around and make room without sacrificing that extra storage space. 

Mount wall hooks

If you don’t have a lot of room on the walls to mount shelves and cabinets, then hooks are the next best thing. They are great for towels and bathrobes, but you can also use them for some other accessories. A hairdryer, curling iron, and laundry bag are some of the items you can hang.

Paying attention to details, like the material of the hooks, their color, and their design can add to your bathroom aesthetics. For example, if you have a brass faucet and shower, then use the hooks in the same style to complete your décor.   

Use a wall-mounted towel rack

A wooden towel rack is a perfect addition for a tiny bathroom, giving it a dash of sophistication. We suggest you go for a design that has individual cubicles, instead of shelves and hooks. 

Also, you don’t have to keep only hand towels here but place other bathroom essentials. Besides using it as storage, make it more decorative with a fresh flower bouquet on top. A framed picture and essential oil sticks will also look great on your wall-mounted rack, making the whole bathroom more spa-like and relaxing. 

Add more room with over-the-toilet storage

If you can’t mount shelves above your toilet, you still have another option to turn that space into storage. Over-the-toilet racks are wonderful organizational solutions that especially benefit extremely small bathrooms.

Some models are open, and others may have cabinets instead of shelves, but with various sizes and shapes on the market, you will have a fun time picking the right one. Even those with big bathrooms can use one as a decorative item to keep pictures, candles, and flowers.

Place items in separate containers

Keeping items in one place is a good way to avoid creating clutter and find what you need without fumbling around. Use storage containers to separate your makeup from skincare products, store cotton swabs and face cloths, as well as group other items for easy access. 

You can place these containers on the shelves or vanity with items that usually go in your drawers or behind the mirror cabinet. That way, you will clear space to keep other things there and maximize your bathroom’s storage potential. 

Use trays for small items

Trays are an elegant way to bring order to your vanity and make the surface tidier. You can keep small items here that you need within hand reach, like perfume, skincare products, and makeup. 

Choose trays that complement the vanity and the rest of the design of your bathroom. Glass, metal, and ceramic are the best choices, but wicker ones are also a nice option, especially if you have baskets in your bathroom. 

Get vanity with supply cabinet

When you are looking for a vanity, opt for a model with a supply cabinet, like the ones offered by  Acqua Bathrooms. This will give you room to store cleaning products or use them for towels. As an ideal place to store bulky items, you can keep your laundry basket here as well to gain more space in the bathroom. 

Another space-saving trick is to put adhesive hooks behind the cabinet doors so you can hang a hairdryer, for example. Moreover, add a wire rack underneath to keep your cosmetic and hair products so you don’t clutter the vanity. 

Take advantage of magnetic organizers

Cabinet or bathroom doors can give you extra spots to hang a few things, as well. Stick magnetic organizers on the inside of your medicine cabinet to store eyeliners, lip glosses, and other makeup. Small containers can also serve for razors, toothbrushes, paste, nail polishes, and anything that is not too heavy. 

Magnetic strips are another option for bobby pins, hair clips, nail clippers, tweezers, and other metallic items. If you want to avoid destroying your doors with nails and screws, this solution may be the best choice to create additional storage space.

Hang a curtain skirt around the sink

If you are on the budget, then here is a hack that will cost almost nothing but you will get that extra space. Hang a fabric around your sink to conceal the area underneath and use it as storage. Choose patterns and colors that will go well with the rest of your bathroom design. 

Of course, this is not a solution for any bathroom. Those that have more rustic or cottage-like décor with vintage items may benefit more from this trick. 

Buy a storage ladder

Leaning a ladder against the wall is a stylish way to create room to hang your towels. Its vintage vibes are perfect for small bathrooms that have wooden fixtures and brass taps. Many homeowners are not too thrilled to destroy bathroom times with glue and holes, so you need to be creative. 

Using a ladder for decorative purposes is a shabby chic detail that can make any bathroom cozy and warm. So, if you have an old ladder at home, give it a fresh look with new paint and turn it into an additional storage unit. 

Put a barstool by the tub

A bar stool is another on-the-budget idea that can add more storage to your small bathroom. Placing it by the tub gives you a spot to keep a book, candles, or a glass of wine. 

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can put it by the sink to store your toiletries and cosmetics. Moreover, adding a shelf between the stool’s legs will give you room to store clean hand towels. To hide what’s beneath, put a long cloth over the barstool, or nail a fabric placemat on each side.


Coming up with storage solutions for a tiny bathroom is a challenge. But, with some creative tricks, you can turn it into a neat and clutter-free space. Plus, some of the ideas can make your bathroom extra stylish without breaking the bank or renovations.


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