Adopt A Viable App To Regulate The School Transportation Networks

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Every year, school managements take different strategies to ensure the safety and security of their students—especially when transporting kids from their home to the school, and vice-versa. 

On the other hand, the drivers also face pressure over their heads. The school bus drivers hold the utmost responsibility in dropping and picking up the school kids in their buses. To overcome this challenge, it is essential to adopt technology-driven software. 

Features of a School bus routing app 

A school bus routing software is a consolidated solution for the challenges faced by the drivers while driving the school bus. Now, let us discover the features covered by the school bus routing software.

  • Route optimization 

The software assists the drivers in finding the best routes to reach destinations. For example, the software will record and store all the addresses of the students and their respective dates. So, while driving, the software will help the drivers with mentioning the travel constraints in the route and shortest routes to reach the destinations. 

  • Helps to manage the traffic commotions 

Traffic and commotions are pretty common in urban areas. But when it comes to schools, it is not fair for students to miss their classes. With a school bus routing software, the drivers will get updates regarding the traffic and suggest they take an alternative route to reach the schools.

  • GPS tracking 

You might wonder if the software is only for drivers. But no, the software also helps the schools and parents know about their children’s whereabouts. The software is in-built with GPS tracking, which the parents can access. This saves the time the parents spend waiting for their children near the gates. 

They can track the bus and find the approximate time it will take to reach their place. 

  • Calendar-based scheduling 

Calendar-based scheduling of routes will help the drivers to take short-distance routes to reach a destination. School vacations and timings will differ from one school to another. The integrated calendar will help the drivers to find ideal routes for dropping the children at their destinations. 

Whenever certain schools are on leave, they can take another route for the students to reach them at their schools in a short duration.

  • Temperature logging  

In the current scenario, it has become mandatory for us to ensure students’ health conditions before boarding the bus. Therefore, the software will monitor the health condition of the driver and record his temperature. After that, whenever students board the buses, their temperature will be recorded in the software in real-time.

  • Stand by drivers 

It is always essential for schools to have extra drivers in hand to substitute them if a driver is sick or absent. However, finding alternative drivers at the neck of the moment is very tiring. The app’s optimization feature helps the authorities find alternative drivers in a short span of time. The app will also verify the driver’s license and other essential documents of the drivers. 

  • Driver license 

The software will record the license of the drivers along with other necessary documents. The app will send notifications to the drivers and alert them to renew their license before it expires.  

School Transportation App Development

How do parents and schools use the app to track the routes of the school bus?

Developing a school bus management software is quite complex and involves so much time in the developing process. The app is simple to use for parents and schools. As of now, we have seen how drivers can access this software, and now, it’s time to see how parents and schools can use them,

  • The parents can download the app and give all their credentials to log in to the account.
  • The drivers will receive notifications from the app whenever parents and school management log in with the app.
  • Once the parents log in to the app, drivers will receive the routes and directions to reach the destinations.
  • The drivers can mark their attendance with the app and enter the details about all the children who boarded the bus.
  • The school authorities will communicate with the drivers and discuss the routes they choose to reach the destinations.

The working aspects of the software 

When it comes to the working of a bus tracking app, there are different types of apps. Each of them works in a different mode, but the activities carried out by them are the same. Have a close look at how these apps work,

  • GPS based device

A GPS-based app is an app where locations are tracked with the help of the GPS. For example, once the students are boarded in the buses, it will automatically estimate departure time by analyzing the traffic and commotion.

  • Crowdsourcing app 

The crowdsourced app is another type where the driver will ride the bus, and from his mobile, the location and velocity of the bus will be shared with others. Then the server will help the drivers in choosing the routes and directions. 

Wrapping up,

School bus management is a tedious task. The drivers are the most responsible person who is answerable to the parents and school authorities. Adopting such a school bus routing app will surely lessen the burden on the drivers, parents, and school management.


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