SAT Coaching Helps to Improve Your SAT Score in Nepal

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SAT is pursued by those who wish to take admission in the world’s best universities for their higher studies. There is a plethora of SAT coaching in Nepal. EduQuest helps ambitious students to get into the prominent college with the desired SAT score. It is one of the leading SAT coaching in Nepal. They bring you the panel of most qualified and experienced faculty staff which is not found in every SAT coaching in Nepal.

You should choose the SAT coaching in Nepal after going through reviews and attending demo classes. Don’t waste your money on bad SAT coaching classes. Utilize your money by getting into good SAT coaching in Nepal or anywhere you are applying in. You should choose your SAT coaching based on your convenience from SAT online classes and SAT offline classes.

In this article, we have provided a brief about SAT exams, patterns, SAT near you, and how SAT coaching helps to improve your SAT score.

What is the Scholastic Assessment test?

SAT is administered and controlled by the College board. The test is given by those who want to get admission in foreign universities for their higher studies basically for undergraduate courses in the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada.

SAT exam is a pen-paper based entrance exam and is of 3 hrs 40 minutes with an optional essay of 50 minutes. It checks your ability and readiness to get into college life to study your desired courses. Your reading writing and mathematics need to be very strong if you are opting for this exam. The other subjects included in SAT are- literature, foreign language, and history.

SAT doesn’t have any eligibility criteria. Those who want to pursue their undergraduate courses can appear for the exam. The SAT score is mostly accepted by every country. You need to be aged above or equal to 16 to give the exam. There is no maximum age limit to give SAT.

SAT exam pattern and syllabus

SAT exam comprises of two main sections Reading and writing and Mathematics and the entire exam has to be given in a prescribed period of 3 hrs 40 minutes. There’s an optional essay of 50 minutes which doesn’t impact your overall SAT score.

The total period of the SAT exam is 3 hrs and 50 minutes including an optional essay of 50 minutes. The total number of questions is 185 including one question of an optional essay.

Refer to the following table for the time allotted, number of questions and syllabus of each section:

Sections Time allotted Number of questions Syllabus
Reading 65 minutes 52 multiple choice based questions Passage based on grammar, the passage of historical events
Writing 35 minutes 44 standard multiple-choice questions Vocabulary, grammar, multiple-meaning words, and etc
Mathematics 80 minutes 88 multiple choice questions with and without a calculator Algebra, advanced mathematics, trigonometry, data analysis, and reasoning
Essay (optional) 50 minutes 1 full question One passage of 600-700 world based on recent events

Types of SAT

College board conducts two types of SAT exams:

  • SAT I
  • SAT II

SAT I exam also known as the Scholastic Assessment Test is given by those students who seek to get admission into undergraduate courses. It is a general test and assesses the writing, reading, and mathematics skills of a student.

SAT II exam is a subject focused exam. Students who want to get admission in a particular course are required to take the SAT subject test, to showcase their knowledge of that particular subject.

SAT Fee in India

In India, SAT general test costs $101 while the SAT exam with optional essay costs $117. In case if you change your SAT exam day and centre an additional fee of $49 is required.

How SAT coaching increased the SAT score of last year’s rank holders?

If you are willing to score as high as our last year toppers, then you should put your foot down and start the SAT preparation as early as possible. SAT coaching help the toppers to increase the final score in the following ways:

Provides good study material– SAT coaching centres gives you access to excellent resource material which helps to boost your preparation for the SAT exam.

Stimulated tests- SAT coaching in Nepal like EduQuestconduct mock tests and speed tests where you can assess yourself and find out your weak points. This helps to maintain regularity and consistency in the SAT preparation.

Unique strategies for SAT preparation– SAT coaching classes (SAT Online Classes and SAT Offline Classes) help you to understand topics with simplified teaching methods. They provide proper guidance to enhance your motivation. Complex questions can be solved with ease from the tips and tricks provided by them.

When you are looking for SAT coaching in Nepal or any other place, you should choose it very wisely. A good coaching class can impact your overall score with a very enormous amount of SAT score.

How to prepare for the SAT exam?

SAT exam is very tough and you need to prepare from the very beginning to get an outstanding SAT score. Below mentioned are a few tips that you should keep in mind while preparing for the SAT exam:

Choose your SAT exam:

The very first step is to find out which SAT exam you are opting for that is SAT 1 and SAT 2. If you want undergraduate courses they opt for the SAT 1 exam and in case if you admire to get specialization in one particular subject then pursue SAT 2 exam.

Know everything about the SAT exam before opting for it:

Many times students do not read the guidelines and instructions required to appear for the exam. Go through the previous year’s SAT question papers, SAT exam pattern, and syllabus. Read all the instructions on the College Board website about the SAT exam.

Set a score goal

Every university has a different SAT average score to admit students. Check out the average score of universities you want to get admission into. Set your goal and prepare yourself to achieve the desired score to get into the top universities. For example: to get into Harvard University, you require a SAT score of a minimum of 1470 whereas UC Berkeley needs an average SAT score of 1270 to admit students.

Make a study schedule:

If your score goal is high, your SAT preparation should also be that much. Layout a proper timetable for each day to achieve your goals. Be very punctual and determined while following the study schedule. Do not skip today’s work for tomorrow. Only hard work can help you to achieve your ambitions.

Check out the interviews of previous year toppers to get motivation:

You can take inspiration and motivation from the previous year’s toppers. You can follow their study schedule and get into their steps to get excellent scores in your SAT exam. Check out how much time they have devoted to their SAT preparation. From where they took the coaching and what study material they opted for their preparation.

Don’t lose hope and don’t give up

If you are not able to solve questions then don’t lose hope. SAT exam is quite difficult than other exams, but if you will practice hard you can achieve the aim. First of all, you should overcome all your weaknesses and weak concepts and make them your strengths. Clear out all your doubts and problems before the final day of the exam. Don’t give up at any point if you have started your preparation. If you couldn’t make it this time, they don’t lose hope and appear for the next time.


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