Samsung printer do not connect – Get troubleshooting tricks

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Samsung is a trusted brand that comes wireless and wired. This printing apparatus has many attributes that make it the ideal machine on the marketplace. It not just print your files but also scan the files. But sometimes because of technical glitches, users face many problems like the printer will not connect issue. This issue also happens because of a poor IP address. Occasionally a poor driver or corrupt driver creates this situation. If you’re afflicted by this mistake then you do not have to get worried. We’re always here to assist. We’ve got a group of specialists who will supply you with the greatest services which can allow you to fix your Samsung wireless printer won’t connect¬†issues whenever possible. For immediate solutions, it is possible to call the pros of this Samsung printer service team. Our gifted specialists are tech-savvy and seasoned. Therefore they will figure out this problem in minimum time.

Steps to Eliminate Samsung printer Can Not Connect Issue

If you aren’t able to figure out this problem by yourself then do not worry. Within this part, we talk about the comprehensive procedure which can allow you to figure out this issue within a few minutes. A number of these troubleshooting methods are cited here:

Strategy 1. Connect the Samsung Wireless Printer

Set the Samsung Wireless printer over the Assortment of the wireless router and then switch on the printer.
Then, join the Samsung printer into that wireless router via an IP address or direct link.
After doing this, restart the printer and examine a printing page to be sure the printer is attached or not.

Strategy 2. Change the IP address of your printer

  • Visit the official website of the Samsung printer subsequently add the version number of your printing apparatus to obtain the set IP tool.
  • Hit the download button and then save the .exe document in a certain drive in which you need to store.
  • When the download finishes, turn to the driver in which you stored the program and click on the file to extract it.
  • Subsequently, hit Next, and then press the infusion and then run the program.
  • After installing the program, run the program by double pressing it.
  • After that, configure the installation program.
    Pick the Samsung printer title and control to the IP address part of your printer then place the new IP address.

Procedure 3. Update the Printer’s Driver

If the above methods don’t fix your problem then do not worry. Follow this system to eliminate this issue. By upgrading the printer driver you are able to figure out this problem easily.

To do that follow the given steps:

  1. To start with, change on your printing apparatus and then go to the control panel and then click on the hardware and audio.
  2. Subsequently, find the device manager from the windows menu to view all of the hardware devices to be attached to a system.
  3. Control into the printer choice in your screen and should the yellow mark on such program, so the program not responsive and you want to upgrade that.
  4. Twice-click on this yellow marked use and after that, you’ll be asked how you need to look for the program?
  5. Afterward, pick the upgrade driver software, which can show you the ideal applications to install.
  6. As soon as you pick the right driver for your printing apparatus, you’ll be forced into the producer’s site automatically.

After finishing the download procedure click that program and Extract the document and then hit the run.
We hope the presented solutions can allow you to address your issue whenever possible. If you’re facing any problems throughout the procedure then it’s possible to find the solutions by simply contact us.


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