Role of Sleeping Pills in The Treatment of Insomnia

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“In this fast and hectic world, our brain and body require much energy. However,30%-50% of the general population gets affected from Insomnia and takes sleeping pills to help it.”

1. What is Insomnia?
a. The inability or difficulty to fall asleep or stay sleeping is called Insomnia.
b. It can be caused due to several factors which may include emotional stress, work pressure, any kind of physical stiffness or illness, environmental factors like light, sound or any kind of deterioration in sleeping time.
c. Researchers have found that Insomnia can also be caused due to some medications like NSAIDS, Lisinopril or Paroxetine may also interfere with sleep and can cause Insomnia.
d. Insomnia is a sleep disorder and can be treated well through sleep medications if taken with proper consultation from a general physician.

2. Role of Sleeping Pills
a. Sleep pills are simply antihistamines or diphenhydramine or antidepressants substitutes. These are basically known from the drowsiness they cause in treating allergies.
b. These medical compositions are used in sleeping pills to induce drowsiness and helps in releasing Melatonin, which triggers the sensation of sleepiness.
c. Sleep medications act over the nervous system and stimulates GABA (Gamma amino-butyric acid) receptors that function over relaxing the brain along with the body. In this way, sleeping pills help in falling asleep and completing the mandatory time span of a healthy sleep too.
d. Some of the best sleeping pills may contain zolpidem tartrate, eszopiclone, or zaleplon which helps in inducing drowsiness and sleepiness instantly.
e. They are even known for reducing anxiety, muscular relaxation, increased levels of happiness and pleasure.
f. Best sleeping pills available over-the-counter are Sonata, Ambien, Belsomra, Lunesta, Silenor, and Hacion.
g. Sleeping pills have proven effective in treating Insomnia but they do carry some side effects as well.

3. Side-effects of Sleep Medications
a. While taking sleeping pills, one may feel certain complications like dizziness, frequent or difficult urination, loss of memory, blurred vision, or sometimes even dry mouth.
b. Sleeping pills may develop an addiction to the medication and so it is recommended to take the pills for a short span of time only.
c. One may face diarrhea, constipation, loss of appetite. Burning sensation or tingling in hands, arms and feet has also been found as one of the after-effects of sleeping pills.
Sleeping pills work best for Insomnia. Remember to use it for a short span of time and be careful with the side effects as well.
If you want to treat insomnia so you can buy eszopiclone. It is the best medicine for insomnia and it is easily available at online pharmacies at a cheap price.

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