Rising need for Digital Marketing Agencies as the world progresses

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The Reason why digital marketing is needed

With Digital marketing emerging as a pivotal aspect of the marketing world, the growth of digital marketing agencies is a direct consequence. To keep in line with this shift, the organizations have very smartly adapted to the most used resource in the world: the Internet. The growing significance of the Internet and its relevance in today’s age leads to the message reaching the intended audience directly. For this to be the case, the need for a digital marketing agency becomes crucial.
Digital marketing agencies have proved to be of specific benefit for both the organization and the customers.

Availability of smartphones

One factor is the availability of smartphones, which has been the highest it has been and still growing. Shedding light on stats, In the US alone, around 77% of the population owns a cell phone, allowing every individual to go through the content a respective organization wants to show- at least once and even again if they are interested in that product or service. This creates a need for Digital Marketing Agency which can shows ads in an effective manner, as well as ensures the target viewers have viewed it.

Importance of Personalized service

According to stats, 81% of customers do a search prior to buying a product or service. This alone is proof of how important it is to have well-designed data and accurate up-to-date services, just in line with the competitors, and all that for a price that resonates with the service being provided.
Website Development, Dedicated Server Hosting, Web hosting, and all such ‘online’ activities are being carried out by Digital marketing agencies, apart from just advertising.

Direct Communication

Another factor is the ability of the organization to communicate directly with the customers, eliminating the need for a middleman, which ensures that an absolute correct message is delivered to the target audience. It provides a perception to the consumers that they are being valued, responded to, and most importantly, included in decisions regarding customers.

To cater to sensitive movements

Moreover, with different movements starting worldwide, and an increase in consumer awareness, it is very common for organizations to come under fire for controversies, rumors or violations. With a Best Digital Marketing Agency in place, organizations can take to their social media and clear out whatever the misconception is. Digital marketing agencies are of utmost need here so they can use their trained force and enforce tried and tested methods to correct the brand image, which the organization would not have been able to do by themselves since they are relatively inexperienced as far as controversies are concerned. With the help of a Digital marketing agency, if the organization is successful in putting its point of view across, lost customer trust can be gained back in no time. If this were not the case, it would take a specific period for such clarifications to reach customers, and sales would continually decline.

We live in social- media era!

Moreover, the popularity of social media trends is no longer hidden. Thousands of millions of customers participate in worldwide trends, almost always making them a success. Timely assessment of the trends, execution, and then delivering the message by Digital marketing agencies can further increase popularity as more people would want to be associated with organizations that keep trends and movements in mind. The need for a Digital marketing agency can be concluded from the fact that it is the digital marketing agencies who are in the market 24/7, dealing directly with different people one on one. They have teams dedicated only to study trends and behaviors. Not only does this allow the organizations to benefit from their advanced knowledge but also to effectively gain more customers by appearing more ‘socially’ woke and active. Just as we saw how a worldwide movement started against body shaming, as well as BLM (Black Life Matters), these movements gained massive popularity in Pakistan also and remained trending on social media for quite a time. As a result of this, prominent brands like Khaadi diversified their models; dark-skinned and plus-sized models were included. This strategy was particularly appreciated by the masses and brought in a good image for Khaadi.
As many organizations benefit from Digital Marketing Services that are gaining popularity within the corporate world.


Most importantly, competitors play an essential role in defining a firm’s future strategies. Since almost all other organizations are utilizing Digital marketing tactics to the fullest, if an organization does not adapt to it, only the organization will be at a loss since it will be only them who’s losing out on valuable expertise.


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