Reshape Your Offline Taxi Business With a Robust Uber Clone App

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The on-demand revolution began in the arena of the transportation industry. Although the COVID-19 pandemic might have hindered the growth rate, it is still expected to grow in a rapid way in the coming years. There is a general increase in the need for online taxi booking services. And that is why many taxi business owners have felt the need to adopt the app-based on-demand model to stay ahead of the competition.

The online cab booking business is one of the most profitable service-based businesses that completely depend on an application. The Uber app started the on-demand revolution that gradually extended to multiple different types of services worldwide. Nonetheless, if you have been planning to commence your own on-demand business based on an Uber-like app, then here are a few things that you must know about the white-label Uber clone app.

What is the Uber Clone app?

individuals have definitely heard of the Uber App, but they don’t know what is the Uber clone app? Basically, when a mobile application is developed based on the flow and structure of an existing app, it is known as app cloning.

Whatever be the country, market, and technology, the way taxi booking app functions remain the same. There is no reason for wasting time in developing from scratch. Therefore, many business owners have taken to utilizing white label solutions to launch their own taxi app. It has grown so much that uber like taxi app development has become a very profitable business model, and it has found significant success.

If you are into the taxi business or planning on entering this sector, getting a Uber clone script would be great. It is a predesigned solution that comes with all the latest features like social media integration, GPS tracking, push notifications, payment gateway integration, etc. Apart from these features, you will have customization options. Here are some key features that you should consider integrating into your Uber clone app.

Basic features of a taxi app:

  • Social media login
  • Book or schedule a taxi
  • Fare estimation
  • Multiple payment options
  • Push notifications
  • In-app chat/call
  • Real-time tracking
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Ride history
  • Drivers’ availability toggle
  • Accept/reject requests
  • Earnings dashboard
  • Driver verification
  • Fleet management
  • Dispatch management
  • God’s eye view

Uber clone app workflow

The initial step in taxi app development is to visualize user navigation through the application. Let’s discuss the seamless workflow here:

  • At first, after downloading the app from the Play Store or App Store, users can register with the app either through their Email IDs, phone numbers or can directly log in with social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Drivers can register with the app by uploading the required documents. After approval of the admin, they are ready to offer services.
  • Customers enable their location preferences and enter their pickup and drop locations.
  • Customers can search from several cabs available and can choose the best-suited taxi based on different parameters like fare, ratings, etc., displayed during booking.
  • Drivers can either accept or reject the user requests based on their convenience. If he accepts, notifications will be sent to the customer. Users can track the drivers in real-time, knowing the exact time of arrival (ETA) of the taxi once the booking is confirmed.
  • Customers can pay for their ride through multiple payment options available such as credit/debit cards, in-app wallets, cash, etc.
  • Customers can share their experiences in the form of ratings and reviews based on the services they received.

Wrapping up

With clone applications offering countless benefits, business owners and entrepreneurs do not have to worry about buying an Uber clone app. However, it is advisable to avail services from the reputed taxi app development company, as they are well-versed with the ins and outs of the market.


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