Remote Education And Coronavirus

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Coronavirus is a severe disease that has disturbed everything all around the world. Many people are jobless, and many are facing business losses because of the chaos. Most of the world’s loss is in education, students are losing their progress, and the education system is taking a different path because they have to find a way out and continue their education.

Education systems are not opening because it is risky as students and teachers can become ill because of the virus. So education systems are continuing education with the remote learning system, where students have to attend classes through their devices on video calls.

But many inadequate education systems cannot afford the new learning systems as the devices are very expensive, and the students plus teachers cannot buy and continue their classes. In the year 2020, on the 11th of March, the World Health Organization declared the pandemic globally.

Due to the rapid spread, governments worldwide and the United States endorsed exceptional social restraint measures to stalk the deluge. Students who need an ebook can take help through the ebook writing service UK, and their services are available anytime to make the current situations easier. These measures involve the impermanent physical shutting of the education systems and social distancing.

Consequences on the Georgia State University School of Public Health Students

Like all the other academic systems, The Georgia State University School of Public Health also had to take safety measures. So to make sure that the students can complete their academic year of 2019 till 2020, the system made opportunities through which students can continue the syllabus. The educational systems took a rapid, unplanned, and vague duration of current challenges at all academic levels.

There were not many details on adequate tasks to lead to such sudden alterations to the education of the college. The study was to gather the details on the alterations to distance learning that are impacting the graduate and undergraduate students who are gaining courses in public health at the GSU.

The aim was to recognize the academic challenges that the students are facing and the surprising advantages of distance learning. Also, to utilize that detail to notify the practices the university education can implement for the crises.

GSU SPH Students and Distance Learning

Since ancient times, the traditional classrooms have had the same method: teachers teaching the lessons, students taking notes, and asking questions. Also, these are the backbone of the traditional classrooms.

With the time came developments in interactions through technology like in the radio, internet telephone, T.V and more. These have been making communications easier with the updates in them.

So the new learning method is now through the Internet; distance learning is all about the Internet and video calls. With the help of the Internet, the students can gain instructions and study from the comfort of their homes just by turning on their computer and clicking the app through which they will attend their classes.

Today classroom and taking notes in classes is in the palm of our hands, so even if the teacher is miles away, the classes will not stop. Students can easily take classes and note down the lectures; it is easier for the teachers to give the lectures and explain them on the available applications for teachers to enable a whiteboard for the students on the video call.

So the students do not have to go to their institutes and take risks of their health; being present physically is not essential in distance learning.

Distance learning has many names now, like e-learning, online education, or mobile learning, but it has one meaning: there will be no physical presence of the teachers and students in the class. It is a practice that is instructional. It efficiently uses a massive range of utensils and technology to improve the students’ learning experience and assist them in a sound communication system.

The smallest amount of requirement for distance learning is the attainment of hardware like a mobile device, computer, or laptop, a device that enables you to speak and hear in the classroom, a webcam, and an application for video conference, most important is the internet connection.

The GSU SPH is a Council of Education in Public Health (CEPH) official school; it is in the heart of downtown Atlanta. It is a sector also introduced as the public health capital of the United States. It is a school that gives opportunities to students who have an interest in public health learning.

GSU-SPH is one of the quickest emerging schools of public health in the United States, and it provides degree schemes at the Masters, Doctoral, and Bachelors levels.

The scheme is an establishment of the year 2006 and has enrolled over 700 students across all the degree programs. The technological and academic requirements of the student body in the period of this pandemic are remarkably highly with 67%, non-white and 10%, alumni who are Fulbright researchers.

Even though there are such huge and non-stop challenges of meeting the requirements of the students, the GSU-SPH did not stop working diligently. Also, they were quick to make sure that the availability and quality of the teaching was the topmost priority at the time of the unstable 2020 spring semester.

Distance learning has become a reputable part of the GSU SPH set of courses. It has become an option for the students of traditional classrooms as well. The lack of technology or access to it is the only problem for some students because of the workload of new courses, lack of inspiration to study, doubt regarding the future, and adjusting to the different technologies.

It is tough to work out the distance learning system for the students as there are still some issues occurring with time. The system is new, but it will be adaptable for the students soon as it is the only way to move forward with education in such a difficult time where everything was about to end.

The educational systems can face more difficulties, and they will have to cope with them to maintain the curriculum.


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