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In case you are searching for a flexible answer for your undertaking’s lighting needs, we have a reasonable answer for you. At Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC, we are focused on giving the best uncompromising light answers for a variety of areas including development, oil, and gas, occasions, just to give some examples. 

Our versatile light pinnacle will guarantee your task runs without an error. With our light pinnacle rental arrangements, your task can continue to move in any event, when obscurity sets in. We are the head tower light rental administrations supplier across Dubai. 

Blue Fin Heavy Equipment Rental LLC’s parent organization, Blue Fin Group of Companies has been doing business for more than 22 years. As Heavy Equipment Rental enters the scene, we can guarantee you the very greatness that has made Blue Fin Group of Companies a triumph that it is today. 


Whatever modern light arrangement you are searching for, we have various light arrangements from top confided in brands in the business. Our convenient light pinnacle can be fueled through an assortment of ways including diesel generator services. The rock-solid lights are intended to successfully enlighten working spaces for building destinations, air terminals, street works, ports, and surprisingly outside occasions. 

We have a rental generator, UAE changed statures with the loftiest being nine meters. The modern light pinnacle brands in our index are adjustable and electrified. They additionally have movable stabilizers to give you a tweaked lighting experience. We additionally have lighting arrangements with a 360° revolution capacity that can run for as long as 70 hours. Regardless of what your pinnacle light requirements are, we have an ideal rock solid light to make your task a triumph. Try not to let power difficulties slow down your undertaking. Investigate our broad list and track down the right versatile light to keep you going snapshots of force disappointment.

Our hardware enlists benefits in UAE to give answers for businesses like development, oil, and gas because of their continuous prerequisite of weighty gear. We comprehend the costs associated with this serious market making it hard for the workers for hire to purchase hardware. We offer a wide scope of large equipment instruments to enlist across the UAE accessible at sensible costs. In case you’re hoping to enlist diesel generators, light tower, air blowers, welding machines, and other substantial development hardware on rent, we got you covered. 

With a wide scope of rental weighty gear in our stock, we ensure that we give the freshest and most recent hardware to our customers so unwavering quality and ideal execution can be achieved. Our group of prepared specialists and experts can help and guide in choosing the gear most appropriate to your requirements. In case you’re searching for a believed weighty rental hardware organization in UAE.

We sell and lease new and recently utilized Light Towers of the greatest brands. These adaptable pinnacle lights convey extraordinary lighting. 

The lighting towers are undeniably appropriate for enlightening general places of work, site prep, concrete pours, claim to fame occasions, paring parts, street work, and extension work. 

A 30-feet customizable pinnacle pivots 360 degrees for ideal lighting adaptability. 

The calm activity offers the most extreme flexibility for practically any application. Enormous gas tanks take into account consistent lighting/run time. 

Circular light apparatuses extend to amazing employment opportunity site enlightenment that is diffused and more uniform without the brutal spotlight impact of standard light installations. 

Full-length entryways likewise give the greatest openness to simple adjusting. Contingent upon the model, three or four-point jack stands to accommodate simple evening out, steadiness on lopsided territory, and predominant breeze strength. 

Pole mounted base winch can be wrenched while the administrator is standing (takes out twisting) for further developed ergonomics and simple activity. A few models include double force winches for fast set-up. 

The metal halide light innovation is one of the most effective methods of transforming electrical energy into light. It requires less force, delivers all the more light, and gives the best lighting to working, game, and occasion regions. The normal lifetime of a metal halide light in an ordinary activity is extremely long, and the disappointment proportion is the least of a wide range of lights towers. 

The Light Towers are not difficult to work and incredibly light and flexible, making it extremely easy to position at the ideal area for ideal workspace lighting



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