Tips to Recover Deleted SQL Database Without Backup 

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Summary: Is your SQL database deleted accidentally or due to virus invasion? Don’t have backup of deleted database? Also, do not have any idea about how to recover deleted SQL database without backup. Then you are at the right place. We will demonstrate the assured method to fix this problem. Keep reading to learn more about it.

Disastrous situation knocks on the door without invitation. Losing an SQL server database without having a backup is one of them.

This situation occurs mostly during the maintenance and management of databases. If the database is deleted by accident or due to any other reason, database administrators face a bunch of problems at the same time. So, to resume the regular workflow, the data are needed to restore to the SQL server database.

In this article, we are showcasing a reliable method to recover deleted SQL database without backup. Before we jump to the solution, let’s check the main reasons that are responsible for this issue.

Direct Solution – The user can try the free demo version of SQL Server Recovery Software. This instant solution is designed to repair corrupted, damaged, deleted SQL database files and restore them without any data loss.

Main Reason for SQL Database Deletion

For regular updates, a user performs operations such as UPDATE or DELETE in SQL Server Database. Without adequate knowledge, the execution of the WHERE parameter can lead to important data loss. This one is the most common cause of data loss.

Because SQL Server is such a popular database across business and corporates sectors, the problem of data loss is magnified more. So, for SQL users, it becomes essential to learn how to recover deleted SQL Server database without having backup.

Why Log Sequence Number manual method has limited usage?

Users often go for free manual solutions such as LSN to recover deleted SQL Server table data. But LSNs (Log Sequence Number) can recover deleted rows only if the time of data deletion is known to the user. The LSN is a unique identifier that is assigned to each record in the SQL Server transaction log. If users do not remember the time of data deletion, this solution is not workable.

Recommended: Use an assured recovery solution to avoid this faulty and time-consuming manual LSN method. It will restore deleted SQL database without using database backup in the SQL server.

One-Stop Solution to Recover Deleted SQL database without backup in SQL Server 2019, 2017..

SQL Server Recovery Software is a reliable method for recovering and restoring lost data in SQL Server. You can use the software to recover a deleted database in a healthy state. It has the ability to fix damaged or corrupted MDF files and save data directly to the Live SQL database. It restores all deleted objects like tables, triggers, functions, rules, and so on.

Follow these steps to successfully recover deleted SQL database without backup 

Step 1: Run the SQL recovery solution on your machine. And choose the SQL database MDF files using Open button.

Step 2: Select either Quick Scan or Advanced Scan from the “Scan Mode” to scan the MDF file. Check the “Auto Detect” box to automatically detect the SQL Server version of MDF files, and check the “Recover Deleted Objects” box to recover SQL database deleted objects. Click on OK button.

Step 3: The utility will showcase the database with deleted items in red color for easy recognition.

Step 4: Check and uncheck the database component accordingly. Click on the Export button to export the recovered SQL database.

This is how you can successfully recover your deleted SQL database without any backup in just a few mouse clicks.

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The Final Word

We suggest using the SQL recovery software to recover deleted SQL database without backup. It is comparatively much more manageable and easy to use. After opting for this alternative solution you won’t have to execute the tedious and time-consuming process. As we discussed manual method will fail if the user did not have the timing information of data deletion. To fix all these problems, we recommend going for the professional solution as we have shown in the article.


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