RecordCast – How to Record Presentation Videos Online for Free

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Many people make daily in-house reports and group training presentations, but have you ever thought, “I want to make a video because I explain the same content every time.”

We all need to make a presentation video recording of our computer screen from time to time for various reasons. These situations, where we often seek solutions quickly, mean a painful process where we search for software for hours, install one and uninstall the other, especially if we are not using a paid service, and ultimately failing to achieve our goal despite wasting a lot of time.

Here is a great online public service that comes to life with the promise of alleviating all the pain we experience in such situations. With the free web tool RecordCast Screen Recorder, you can easily record presentations using PowerPoint. In this article, I’ll show you how.

How does screen recording work through the browser?

With just a few clicks! To be more precise, after entering the RecordCast homepage and giving the camera and microphone permissions asked by your browser, you can start your transactions without any extra effort. You can record either just the image from your webcam or an image combined with your screen. The website will guide you through the simple steps you need to follow according to the type of transaction you want to do.

Regarding the sound, after selecting a recording mode, you can choose from options such as a microphone, system sound or mute and start creating a recording with or without sound.

After making all the necessary settings, you will probably forget that you are working on a website. You will feel that you are using a native application on your Windows or Mac OS computer. We can say that you will have a lot of fun as you discover tools such as stickers, watermarks and animated texts that you can use, especially when editing your video.

What are the main features of RecordCast?

It is very difficult to list the main features of a tool like RecordCast Screen Recorder, which is a candidate to change your basic usage habits in video creation and editing. If we try to list what it promises you under a few main headings:

  1. It is a completely online tool.Models like premium subscriptions do not impose. It’s completely free and available to everyone.
  2. It doesn’t ask you to download or install any programs. Since it is used through the browser, you can access it from anywhere you have internet access, save and edit your videos. All you need is good internet and a modern browser.
  3. Whether you are a Windows, Mac OS or Linux user, you can use it freely on any platform.
  4. It gives you the essential ability to record your webcam and screen at the same time.
  5. It has a built-in video editor. In this way, you can cut, split, combine and edit the presentation you have recorded or videos that you can load from your computer as you wish.
  6. It helps you create more fun videos with dozens of stickers, watermarks and effects.

For me, I love it because it is completely free and unlimited downloads. Besides, it won’t leave any watermarks on my final presentation videos. As it uses HTML5, we don’t need to worry about our users’ privacy.


RecordCast has a function that allows you to record presentation screen operations. I think it’s simple and easy to use. It’s free, with no watermarks, no ads. Worth trying out? Check it now.



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