Reasons Why Is It Important To Have a Spanish Translator with You during a Meeting

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If you are planning to take your business global – then having a translator is a prerequisite. Relying on free tolls or unprofessional translators can have repercussions – similarly, trying to communicate with your clients with a language barrier can prove challenging.

It is essential to have a translator with you during a meeting – keep reading to understand why?.

Reasons to have a professional Spanish translator with you during a meeting.

1) Better communication with your clients and customers.

Picture this – you are sitting with your potential clients trying to crack a deal. The presentation is ready, and you know you have some fantastic, compelling points that will convince your clients to enter into a business partnership with you – but here’s the problem you both speak different languages. Imagine cracking a deal in a scenario where you both don’t fully comprehend what the other is saying. Relying on machine-based translation can take away the essence from the conversation and ends up feeling mechanical. But having a professional Spanish translator in your business meeting can solve this issue.

Spanish translators and interpreters can ensure that the conversation between you and your clients is entirely seamless. They can translate the message that you are trying to convey in an impactful way.

2) Translation can increase access to customers – better brand visibility.

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world – second only to Chinese. It is also recognized as an official language in 20 countries.
Translating your text in Spanish can increase the reach of your brand. Several surveys confirm that people are more likely to interact with the business that is speaking their native language. They are also more likely to buy products that have descriptions written in their native language. Even when it comes to the B2B sector – you can increase your clientele and offer more services with the help of a translator. You can reach out to brands and businesses from different countries without any barriers. A translator will ensure that all your communication is smooth.

3) Drafting contracts and legal documents during the meeting.

Understanding contracts and legal documents can be confusing, and trying to understand them in a language not native to you can be downright daunting. Technical documents are written in an extremely professional manner, and the language used is highly technical and official – even a native speaker sometimes cannot fully comprehend the technicalities involved in the document.

However, a professional translator comes with experience and expertise in translating such technical documents. They can ensure an error-free translation of your terms and conditions – making sure there is no room left for misunderstanding.

4) Building relationships with potential clients and forming a bond.

Business meetings are also a bonding activity – we meet in person to form connections and professional bonds that are fruitful for the business. When you make use of machine-based translation or free tools – you end up with a mechanical sounding translation that can’t strike an emotional chord with your potential clients and customers. After all, one can’t bond with machines.

A professional translator realizes the importance of forming such bonds and the benefits it has for a business. They can ensure that your potential clients and customers not just receive your message but also understand the emotions you are trying to convey.

5) Ensuring that you don’t offend your potential customers and clients because of cultural differences.

People’s outlook towards professional conduct has a cultural tone. What might be accepted and normal to say in one culture during a business meeting or in general can be considered offensive in another. These differences are not limited to words – even hand gestures and other etiquettes come into play. For example – the OK gesture (making an o with the thumb and the index figure while holding the other three upwards), which is used to ask or convey if everything is okay about the situation, is considered highly offensive in Brazil.

A professional translator is well aware of such cultural differences and can guide you in the meeting to make sure you don’t offend or upset your clients.

6) A professional Spanish translator can ensure error-free translation – a prerequisite in the healthcare sector.

Documents related to healthcare are highly sensitive – one small mistake, and it can cost someone their lives. Translation of such documents requires attention to detail – along with experience and expertise in such a field. There have been several cases where wrong translations led to unwanted surgeries and medication. That is why it is important that during such medical meetings, and translation of such sensitive documents is left in the hands of a professional and qualified translator.


The importance of translation while interacting with different cultures cannot be overstated. It is important that you rely only on professional translators when it comes to business translation. To ensure that your translation is error-free, go for a native translator or someone with native level language skills who are professionally qualified to do the translation. Remember – in the best-case scenario, your reputation gets hurt, and in the worst case – you will end in a long legal battle.


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