QuickBooks export to excel not working? Here’s What to Do

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 The error message “QuickBooks export to excel not working” appears when the user is export a report to excel. Using outdated QuickBooks Desktop applications can be a cause of the error. Simply, updating the QuickBooks Desktop will resolve the error if the outdated QuickBooks application is the cause. In this article, we will list all the solutions to the error with their respective causes. Read the complete article to know more.

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How to resolve the error exporting to excel in QuickBooks?

Update QuickBooks Desktop

The outdated QuickBooks Desktop version might be a possible reason for the error which can be fixed by updating QuickBooks Desktop. Follow the steps listed below to update your QuickBooks Desktop:

1. Make sure QuickBooks and company files are closed.

2. Click on the Windows Start menu and search QuickBooks Desktop in the search box.

3. Press and hold down the Ctrl key, right-click on the QuickBooks icon, and select Run as administrator.

4. Click on the Help menu in the no company open window and choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.

5. Open the options tab, click on Mark All, and select the save button.

6. Select Update Now, checkmark the Reset Update checkbox, and click on Get Updates.

Toggle Windows User Account Controls 

The current Window user Accounts controls settings of your system may be causing the error to get triggered. Follow the instructions given below to change the User Account Control settings:

1. Click on the Windows Start menu.

2. Enter User Account Control Settings in the search box, then click on User Account Control Settings.

3. Drag the slider to Never Notify. 

4. Select the OK button.

5. Then, restart the computer to apply the changes you just made.

Note: Turn the User Account Control settings back to Always Notify once you have exported the report to excel.

QuickBooks System Requirements

The QuickBooks software is designed to work with specific versions of Microsoft Office. If the user doesn’t have a specific version of the Microsoft Office that works with the QuickBooks application in their system, it will result in causing the error, and then export to excel feature will stop working. The error can be resolved by upgrading the Microsoft Office on your system, which is compatible with your QuickBooks version. However, if your Microsoft Office is compatible with the QuickBooks version on your system, probably the error could be caused by some issue with Microsoft Office, which can be resolved by repairing Microsoft Office.


The information given in the article above has all the solutions you need to fix the error. However, if the error is still not resolved, it might be possible that installing the QuickBooks application before Microsoft Office was installed might have triggered the error. Make sure the Microsoft Office is already installed before installing QuickBooks on your computer. If you didn’t install Microsoft before QuickBooks, you need to uninstall the QuickBooks software then, install and set up Microsoft Office, and reinstall the QuickBooks Desktop again. Hopefully, the error is resolved by now. If you can still see the error message “QuickBooks export to excel not working” on your computer screen, and receive immediate help from QuickBooks experts.


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