How to Troubleshoot QuickBooks Error OL 301 or 393?

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Figure out how to fix QuickBooks Error OL 301 or OL 393 when attempting to associate with your bank or download transactions 

Have you unearthed the QuickBooks error OL 301 or 393? All things considered, this error is typically seen when the client attempts to update the accounts to download the new bank transactions into the QuickBooks software. This is a particular software error that can be handily fixed by a few arrangements. The primary purpose for such an error can be an impermanent bank server blackout or a company file having data honesty issues. This error code frequently accompanies an error message, which could inconvenience the client. 

In the present article, we will talk about in detail the processes to fix QuickBooks Error OL-301 or OL-394 errors. Subsequently, on the off chance that you are intrigued, at that point try to peruse the post cautiously till the end. You can likewise connect with QuickBooks support group through our complementary customer support number. 

What causes QuickBooks Error OL 301 or 393? 

The QuickBooks Error OL 301 or 393 is normally seen because of specific elements, specifically: 

  • The client may wind up in such an error when QuickBooks isn’t running the latest update/discharge 
  • Additionally, such an error could be checked whether the software has some unacceptable data saved 
  • Also, on the off chance that QuickBooks software isn’t accessible on the server, at that point such error is plausible to occur Alongside that, this error will be experienced on the off chance that the software is inappropriately installed 
  • Another factor can be if there should be an occurrence of any infection or malware assault Not just this, the client may go over such an error if QuickBooks related files are erased in an incorrect manner 


Prior to getting going with the investigating measures, the client ought to guarantee to do the under two assignments: 

  1. Making a QuickBooks data file backup 
  2. What’s more, killing the programmed download transactions into the register. 

Indications of QuickBooks Error OL 301 or 393

Techniques to determine the QuickBooks banking error OL 301 or OL 393 

As we referenced before, fixing these issues turns out to be simple, several techniques are followed appropriately. The following are the arrangements that can assist the client with disposing of these errors effectively: 

Strategy 1: Reactivating the deactivated account 

  • The client needs to initially explore to the tools and add account tab 
  • And afterward select the sort of an account, for example, checking, saving, and so on 
  • From that point onward, click on the high level arrangement 
  • And afterward type the name of the bank/monetary foundation 
  • Now, click on next 
  • Followed by choosing a reasonable connection strategy and hit next 
  • The client is then needed to enter the bank username and password 
  • Likewise, click on associate 
  • In the next advance, QuickBooks begins to look up your accounts at a bank 
  • Now, after you see the rundown of your accounts, make a point to reactivate the accounts 
  • And afterward, interface it with a current account in QuickBooks desktop 
  • The next advance is to click on Next and finish 

Strategy 2: Make sure to check shrouded account 

  • Now and again, concealed accounts with a similar bank can cause issues, as they may be accessible with the online download, which is not, at this point accessible with the bank. To check the concealed accounts, the means beneath ought to be followed: 
  • The client should explore to the tools and account list 
  • From that point onward, check show shrouded accounts 
  • Now, click on edit too the concealed account 
  • And furthermore, select the online services to guarantee that concealed account is not, at this point accessible with the online services 

Strategy 3: Deactivating an account 

  • For this technique, the client needs to explore to the tools and afterward settle on the account list 
  • From that point onward, click on edit to an account that cause the issue 
  • Additionally, select the online services tab 
  • Followed by clicking on deactivate 
  • The next advance is to click on yes to affirm 
  • And afterward click on OK and done 

Strategy 4: Verifying the account data 

  • In this process, the client needs move to the tools and account list tab 
  • After that click on edit to the account which is being referred to 
  • Followed by choosing the overall tab and afterward check the account data, for example, an account number, customer id, and so forth 

Strategy 5: Look for the account that neglected to update 

The client should check the account that neglected to update. This should be possible by: 

  • Right off the bat, exploring to the tools 
  • And afterward select one stage update summary 
  • From that point forward, see an account that is being referred to with a red heading and error code. 

Strategy 6: Updating QuickBooks to the most recent delivery 

For updating the QuickBooks to the most recent delivery, the underneath steps would work: 

  • The client should open QuickBooks
  • And afterward move to the assistance and afterward click on Update QuickBooks 
  • From that point forward, click on yes to launch it, when the update is downloaded 

Strategy 7: Refresh online account data 

On the off chance that nothing from what was just mentioned techniques worked for you in fixing the QuickBooks error OL-301, or 393, at that point the client can have a go at invigorating the online account data. This should be possible via completing the means beneath: 

  • The client will just need to click on account 
  • And afterward, after the account register is open, click on the upper right stuff symbol with the drop down menu 
  • Likewise, click update now 
  • The next advance is to enter a vault or bank password when asked to 
  • What’s more, to end the process, click on update now 


Fixing these QuickBooks Error OL 301 or 393 may appear to be an overwhelming undertaking, and yet these errors could be fixed effectively, if the above advances are followed appropriately. In the event that, you keep on confronting a similar issue even in the wake of doing the above strategies, at that point we energetically prescribe you to counsel our QuickBooks chief support group.



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