QuickBooks Desktop: Overview of Advanced Inventory Management

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​QuickBooks is the main accounting tool little, medium, and enormous scope enterprises are utilizing to make running business simpler and better. 

The QuickBooks Advanced Inventory is the board in QuickBooks Desktop has been one of the significantly appreciated bundles on QuickBooks. We investigate what the Advanced Inventory the board tool offers and how to set up yours. 

Advanced Inventory Features

The high-level inventory of the executives is an upgrade over the past fundamental inventory of the board tool on QuickBooks Desktop. The high-level inventory manager features all the elements of the fundamental version in addition to

  • FIFO Inventory Costing
  • Multi-Location Tracking
  • Bin Location Tracking
  • Serial or Lot Number Tracking
  • Streamline Order fulfillment
  • Barcode Scanning

You can utilize the high-level inventory the executive’s tool to assume responsibility for the whole request satisfaction process. From a central dashboard, you can oversee both pressing and dispatch laborers. You can utilize the Shipping Manager to follow dispatched merchandise and offer directions to your laborers on the best way to deal with the shipments. 

Get the specific expense of landing items by monitoring transporting costs, protection, and so forth Landed expense can be determined all the more precisely with cutting edge inventory manager. 

Utilize the mobile bar-coding feature to facilitate the exchange of merchandise inside and outside your store. Mobile bar-coding makes it simple to order data on your items. This feature builds the exactness of data entry and dispenses with human error. 

You can likewise deal with your stock in various locations with Bin Manage. Robotize your inventory announcing process with the end goal that you know the amount of stock left in each distribution center progressively. This knowledge will help organizations find a way to guarantee they don’t run out of stocks. 

You can likewise utilize sequentially and part following to twofold check amounts of products to see that they are finished prior to delivery. These features can likewise be utilized to coordinate a particular customer to a particular item. Likewise, in the event that there is a need to distinguish items having a place with a similar cluster, these features make it simpler to recognize the items.

Instructions to arrange Advanced Inventory the board 

You need to get QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise first then you turn on the Advanced Inventory the board to start the arrangement process. 

  1. Add your inventory destinations 

In this segment, you incorporate all the locations or destinations where you stock your items, including stockrooms, stores, trucks, and so on 

  • Go to Lists > Inventory Site List> Site> New 
  • Enter all the data needed for the site. 
  • In the event that you have more than one site, you will rehash the process for all the destinations you have.
  1. Fix reorder focuses for each site 

Progressed inventory makes it conceivable to follow reorder focuses for everything recorded in a particular site. This encourages the inventory manager to caution you when your stock is getting low. 

From the Lists menu>Inventory Site List> Activities drop-down> Set Reorder Points

Drag your mouse over the site you wish to set reorder focuses for. As you enter the site, you can pick explicit things to set reorder focuses in. Whenever you are finished relegating reorder focuses to all the sites click OK to save the activity. 

  1. Set beginning stock on each site. 

At first, when you turn Advance inventory on, you can just utilize a solitary site which is transitory. Therefore, you have your whole inventory saved in a solitary location. You need to move your locales from this brief inventory to a generally lasting one. You do this by moving the locales in a steady progression. 

  • Explore to the Inventory menu and pick Transfer inventory 
  • Fill the Date field to tolerate the current date you chose the following inventory 
  • Enter Reference No. For the site. Pick an intelligent mix of letters and numbers to help you remain better coordinated. Setup1, Setup2….. Are genuine models. 
  • Click the Transfer starting from the drop menu to find things in the brief site. 
  • Select the TO drop-down menu to pick the fundamental inventory site. 
  • Pick the things you need to move to the fundamental site 
  • Fill in the number of units of things to be moved in the segment for Quantity to Transfer. 
  • You can decide to express the purpose behind the exchange in the Memo for example “Move beginning amount to the principle site” 
  • You can decide to print the exchange 
  • Pick Save and click New, rehashing the framework’s ventures as you move other inventory locales. 
  • When you’re done moving all the inventory locales, click Save and Done. 



​Advanced inventory on QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise is a tool you should have in the event that you need your inventory accounting to match current norms. You can also find a quickbooks proadvisor.


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