What is the Procedure of Online Application for Court Marriage in Delhi?

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Marriages in India were governed by different religious laws. It based on the religions of the couple. But a special marriage act was introduced in 1954 by the Indian parliament which enabled persons of different religions to come into a marriage bond. 

This act applies to inter-religion and inter-caste marriage and Indians can also use this Act in a foreign land. According to this act, the groom must be 21 and the bride must be 18 for a valid marriage. This act includes persons who are divorced or widow and want to marry someone. Court marriage in India is gaining popularity and there are a lot of people who prefer to choose the court marriage option instead of the traditional one. 

But there are a few issues you may need to look at before getting to the court. First of all, you must know all about the procedure, documents and other things before attempting a court marriage. 

What is the Procedure of Court Marriage in Delhi?

Well, we are giving you the procedure for court marriage in Delhi but you should hire a court marriage lawyer to know all the intricate details of the procedure. You will only know the little details when helped by an experienced professional. 

Here are the steps involve in court marriage in India:

  • Information of Intended Marriage – First, you need to inform the court about the intended marriage. You will have to go to the marriage officer in your region and submit an intention of marriage. 
  • Display Notice – Now, the marriage registrar will display a notice at a prominent place at his office for 30 days. These 30 days are there for anyone to submit an objection to the marriage. Anyone can object to the marriage and deem it illegal under the marriage act. 
  • Day of Marriage – Once that 30 day period is passed, you will have to book an appointment of your convenient date and go there. Present yourself on the pre-planned day along with three witnesses to sign a declaration to the marriage.
  • Certificate – Once, all the formalities of the marriage are completed, you will get the marriage certificate from the registrar. As per the regulations in the act; the marriage certificate will be issue within 15 to 30 days from the day of marriage. 

And this entire process of marriage can take from 30 to 60 days for most of us. If you are not sure about the process, then contact Delhi lawyers and get support inside out. They will help you in getting through the process as soon as possible. 

Documents needed

You will also need to present a few documents at the time of marriage, here is the list of the documents you need to carry with you. 

  • Application signed by the husband and wife for the intention of marriage.
  • Birth certificate for both parties to verify the age before the marriage. 
  • An Affidavit by both parties stating the date, time, place, marital status and more. 
  • Two passport size photos and one marriage photo
  • Fee Receipt

For any query you can get consult our professional lawyers or visit our official website “Delhi Lawyers“.

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