Popular Fantasy Sports Games: What You Need to Know

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Fantasy sports are virtual mirrors of real-world sports. Diehard fans of sports can take their participation to the next level by participating in online fantasy leagues. Player performance in the real world is used to calculate virtual points, which are then totaled to determine the winner. You, as the de facto manager of your “team,” get to make all the decisions involving the running of your team. 

You get to buy your favorite players, decide who plays games, and even sell off non-performers. There is usually an allocated budget for every manager, so you have to think long and hard about who to choose. There could also be limited numbers of times you can make trades as the season progresses.

Some Popular Fantasy Sports

The popularity of fantasy sports games varies across regions. It has been found to have a correlation with the popular real-world sport in the region. In North America, the most popular fantasy game is American football. American football is the most popular sport in America. The same applies to other regions. 

In the United Kingdom (UK), soccer is the most popular fantasy game. Also, in India, due to the popularity of cricket, cricket fantasy sports patterned after the Indian Premier League (IPL) are the most popular.

UEFA Champions League fantasy football 

This league is composed of players who have qualified to participate in the Champions League. You are initially given a budget of 100 million Euros to start off your season. This is further increased to 105 million when you reach the round of 16 onwards. You are allowed to buy 15 players only.

From there, you must buy 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders, and 3 forwards. There are limits on the players you can buy from the same team. This depends on what stage of the competition you are playing. At the group stages, you can choose at most 3 players from the same team for your squad. 

For the round of 16, you can choose four players from the same team. The number of players you can choose from the same team increases as more teams are eliminated. For the final, you can have as many as eight players from the same team.

You will be required to submit a list of 11 players before the match day. These players must include a goalkeeper, about 2 defenders, 2 midfielders, and at least one forward. Formations are left to your discretion so long as you follow the stipulation above. You also select a captain for your team. The captain earns double points on match-day.

Before the season starts, you can make limitless transfers in your team so long as you remain within budget. You are allowed to transfer players for free in and out of your team throughout the season. The stage of the tournament determines the number of free transfers allowed. 

During the group stages and the round of 16, free transfers are limitless. Beyond that, they are capped all the way to the final. If you exhaust your quota of free transfers and still wish to do a transfer, it will cost you four points.

IPL (Indian Premier League) fantasy league

This craze has swept India by storm. Diehard fans are participating in this league that shadows events in the cricket league of India, the IPL. Real-world league players are assigned a value (in virtual currency) that fluctuates throughout the season based on performance.

Initially, you are given a budget of 100 Cr to buy your players. They are also restrictions on the number of foreign-based players and uncapped players you can have in your team. While constituting your team, you are allowed

  • One wicket-keeper minimum and a maximum of four
  • Three batsmen minimum and a maximum of six
  • One all-rounder with a maximum of four
  • Three bowlers minimum and a maximum of six
  • Maximum of four foreign players.
  • Players from the same IPL franchise should not exceed seven in your team.

You also get unlimited transfers before the season starts. After the season kicks off, you get 120 transfers to last you through the season., 110 for the league stage and 10 for the knockout stages.

Players are awarded points for featuring in the first eleven runs and for their strike rate, amongst other parameters. You pick a captain and a vice-captain, and the captain gets double points while the vice-captain gets 1.5x points. Any changes in the Captain and Vice-Captain are implemented in the next game. 

While selecting your team, you should aim to build a strong core team. A tip for selecting players is that captains and vice-captains are more likely to feature in the first of their respective teams. So it is prudent to give them first priority in team selection.

The winners of this league may get season tickets, sports memorabilia, and other giveaways.

These are some of the most famous fantasy sports games. So whether you play for fun or just for the bragging rights, enjoy the game.


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