Origins of Streetwear: How to style for the best looks

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Streetwear style originated mainly from the domain of rappers, skaters, and surfers. It flourished and soon became the most influential fashion movement ever. From being clothes that were typically worn by singers surfers, punk youth, and skateboarders it found its way to the common wardrobes as a casual fashion style for youngsters. While it is difficult to determine exactly who came up with the idea of it as a fashion statement, we can point out few major players who are considered as the pioneers. James Jebbia brought streetwear style to the market with Supreme, his skate brand. It took over the youth market in a very short period. Shawn Stussy is another leader in the streetwear industry.

He is a big name in the surfing realm and creator of Stussy, the famous Californian surf brand. Dapper Dan is the third known name in the history of the streetwear fashion industry. He is popular as a Harlem-based designer of luxury streetwear. Dapper’s designs perfectly fit the hip-hop world and are particularly liked by colored influencers.

Streetwear fashion is followed devotedly by the majority of Americans and other races alike. These devoted fans are popular as hypebeasts, and most of them try their level best to acquire limited-edition items such as baseball caps, sneakers, hoodies, etc. However, some valuable styling tips can help the other, lesser privileged fans of streetwear to design their wardrobes with the most trendy staples in this fashion genre.


The streetwear style

Streetwear is inspired a little from the hip-hop realm and a little from skating culture. There is an additional element of deliberate product scarcity which makes it a unique category of the fashion world. The main style comprises comfortable and cool clothing items such as graphic tees, pullover hoodies, custom sweatpants, and hip sneakers. These clothing items can be assembled in several ways to come up with your very own unique style.


The tees:

 Tees are the consonant of street style. Whether as a first layer under jackets and hoodies in winters or as main attire in summers, t-shirts are essentials of streetwear. They can be either plain or customized or ready-made printed. Most of the hypebeasts prefer their tees with artwork, graffiti, slogans, or something that supports their message or mentality. You can create your style by wearing short and cropped t-shirts or wear long ones that hang down to your knees. You can go gothic with them by filling your tees collection with blacks and greys or can be loud and vibrant by wearing different colors.


The denim:

Denim is one of the most popular streetwear articles and is a staple in every person’s wardrobe. The most popular designs are worn-out jeans, raw denim, rustic jeans with a washed-out look, and more. A Skinny fit and tapered style is one of the favorites plus mom jeans have made a comeback as well. Denim shorts with fringed edges are also a fad among girls. You can create your signature by ripping your jeans or shorts in a unique style instead of going for ready-made ripped jeans.



The jacket styles change with trends but always remain an integral part of the streetwear style. Long woolen jackets are well-liked by people but the popularity might change anytime. The all-time favorites are woolen duster coats, denim jackets, and leather jackets, and will remain a part of streetwear fashion for a very long time. Bomber jackets, military-style jackets, and biker jackets, all come under the umbrella of streetwear and you can select anyone that can best define your personality and interests.



 A wardrobe made on streetwear style is not complete without hoodies. Hoddies are simply non-negotiable when it comes to street fashion in the past, present, and most probably in the future. Pullover hoodies are most popular among the street fashion hoodies.

For girls, they are boyfriend hoodies or sweatshirt hoodies. You can make your hoodie bolder and more street-like by having a custom graffiti or slogan on them.



Hypebeasts and sneakerheads prefer sneakers and ankle boots over any other type of footwear. These types of shoes used to be functional for skaters and hip-hoppers. White sneakers and ankle boots are the most common among street style lovers and are usually worn with vibrant and dark-colored graphic tees.



 A funky headwear completes street fashion with a flare. Beanies and baseball caps are worn by many youngsters to complement their street clothes but more intense personalities prefer bandanas that can make a style statement for their personalities.


Where to get them from:

As mentioned above, many fashion enthusiasts go above and beyond to acquire designer and limited edition items for their street wardrobe. A lot of them don’t even wear them and just collect them show them off. However, you can easily acquire cheap streetwear outfits in bulk to fill your wardrobe. You can go for brands such as Champion, Bella+Canvas, Nike, The North Face, Hanes, and more. ApparelnBags is one the most popular online store from where you can purchase your favorite brands such as at very reasonable rates and have them customized them just the way you want to.


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