Working In Canada: Open Work Permit Canada 2021

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An open work permit gives foreign nationals the freedom to work with any Canadian employer for a set period of time. The Open Work Permit can also limit the type of job a foreign national can do or where they can work.

Potential applicants can apply for a Canadian open work permit from within Canada or outside Canada, but it is not issued to everyone. As the permit isn’t job-specific, it is necessary to obtain Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Note- It helps to seek assistance from authorised Canada/ Australia Immigration Consultants in Chennai to make the immigration process smooth and effective. Detailed knowledge of Canadian immigration laws and regulations is essential to prevent delays or rejection. Choose only authorised consultants registered with the Canadian government and aligned with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council) for professional and experienced immigration assistance.


Who Is Qualified for an Open Work Permit in Canada?

Open Work Permit Eligibility Criteria for Foreign Nationals:

  • Any temporary foreign workers’ spouses or common-law partners
  • Spouses of international students or common-law partners
  • International students who have completed a study program in Canada are also eligible to apply.
  • Applicants for permanent residency who applied via the inland spousal sponsorship process.
  • Any of the young workers who are taking part in International Experience Canada’s programs (IEC).
  • Refugees, applicants for refugee status, and protected individuals, as well as their family members.

The exact eligibility criteria and application process is variable. It can depend on whether or not the foreign nationals meet the mentioned criteria.


What Are the Types of Open Work Permits?

There are two types of Open Work Permits: Occupation-restricted Open Work Permits & Unrestricted Open Work Permits.

Occupation-restricted Open Work Permits

Qualified individuals with an occupation-restricted open permit are eligible to work for any employer but not any position. They must specify the work/ job details. Since Occupation-Restricted Open Permits are granted without having to undergo a medical test, the job flexibility is restricted. Employees with occupation-restricted open permits cannot work in childcare, farming, primary/ secondary schools, and health services.


Unrestricted Open Work Permits

Eligible employees must pass the medical test to be granted an open work visa with no restrictions. However, there can be certain cases where eligible employees who have failed the medical test can also be granted unrestricted open work permits. They should-

  • Have no other means of support.
  • Belong to specific categories of permanent resident applicants in Canada.

A foreign national with an Unrestricted Open Work Permit can apply for versatile job positions for any employer in any part of Canada.


Canada Open Work Permit Benefits

Canada’s open work permits are in high demand because of the job flexibility they provide. Unlike other countries, work permits by Canada do not limit the employee’s chance to explore their options. An open work permit in Canada allows a foreign national to work for any employer in Canada and select any location. Canadian work experience also allows foreign nationals to boost their eligibility for acquiring permanent residency in Canada. However, foreign nationals, even with an open work permit, are not allowed to-

  • Work for employers who are not in compliance with IRCC rules & regulations.
  • Work for employers who are in the erotic/ escort or related services.


Choosing Authorised Immigration Consultant For Open Work Visa Canada

Deciding to relocate to Canada requires thorough thinking and consideration. Immigrating can be a difficult and confusing method. As a result, it is often best to work with consultants registered with the ICCRC- Immigration Consultant of Canada Regulatory Council.

To ensure that you qualify for a visa or immigration procedure, it helps to have a detailed consultation with accredited immigration consultants. The consultancies authorised by the government of Canada eliminates the risks of fraudulent services. They are honest about your chances of obtaining an open work visa in Canada. Experienced immigration consultants tell you the possible downfalls and how to prevent them.

Authorised consultants treat every applicant with care and respect the privacy of their client’s personal information. Immigration consultants work with you to ensure that your application gets through. They know who to contact and how to get in touch with them. The immigration consultant represents you throughout the application process.


Final Thoughts

Immigration law in Canada is far from simple. Open Work Permit applications are often complicated and time-consuming. Deciding to do it on your own may sabotage the procedure, causing delays or even rejection.

So, what are your options for avoiding this? Hire the services of an immigration consultant to assist you with the application process. Applying for a Canada open work visa with the help of an authorised consultant is a simple procedure. For certain things, seeking the assistance of an experienced hand can make all the difference.

Time and money are precious- save them by hiring the best Canada/ Australia immigration consultants in Chennai for a successful application process!


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