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The topic of the Post:

  • Reduction of paper (the British would say “paperless”) 
  • Complete the operation in a few minutes (and perhaps from the sofa at home) 
  • Customize the insurance according to your needs in total serenity 
  • Savings 
  • Simplicity, Control, and convenience
  • Transaction tracking 
  • Sharing of “best practices” 
  • To conclude
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Insurance subscribed online by Italians is becoming more and more numerous.

Our country certainly does not emerge for a particularly “digitized” population (according to the latest Istat data only 64% of Italians use the internet) but things are rapidly changing.

More and more Italians have decided to opt for online services that allow you to take out insurance. These services are not to be seen only as competitors of the more traditional channels to which one is usually accustomed (such as insurance agents and brokers) but also of potential partners who simplify and speed up the work of the latter. Often, they too rely on some of these services to serve their customers more efficiently, while giving the tranquility of a presence “in flesh and blood” in the surrounding area.


So let’s try to take stock of the situation, highlighting the main advantages of taking out insurance online.



Reduction of paper (the British would say “paperless”)


It may seem like a trivial matter, but if you have signed an insurance policy at least once in your life, you know the amount of paper and the pages and pages of insurance conditions that have come out of your insurer’s printer. To these must also be added the additional authorizations of the case, from the privacy consent to the pre-contractual attachments provided by the Insurance Supervisory Institute. Yes, we know, they are those sheets that you often sign without even reading because they are too long, but alas, even those pieces of paper have an impact on the environment.

Bringing all this digitally is a great advantage for the environment, estimates are talking about thousands of tons of paper every year, not counting the ink, the electricity of the printers, the stamps, the fuel of the courier who delivered the envelope to your home, etc.

In short, a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions!


Complete the operation in a few minutes (and perhaps from the sofa at home)


Technology allows us to optimize many aspects and above all not to waste too much time (which is already little) on activities that are certainly not very fun (such as insurance) to carve out more time to devote to the things that matter.

The idea of ​​having to physically go to your insurer every year – and perhaps more than once a year – is certainly not attractive. If we add the possible queues and waiting times, taking out insurance could become a real bore.

With online insurance you can instead make a quote, consult, pay or renew directly from the sofa at home, during the day as in the evening, on Sunday as on Tuesday. And best of all, you can do it all in minutes.

In addition to all this, you can get assistance directly from home, by contacting the customer support service (by phone, email, or chat). You will therefore get the advice you are looking for while saving time (and gasoline).


Customize the insurance according to your needs in total serenity 


We know, the feeling of having to ask for a quote and be in personal negotiation (perhaps going in the flesh in front of those who are proposing it to you) can be embarrassing. Especially because you don’t know what amount to expect and you never know how to back out if the amount does not meet expectations or you want to spend a little less.

Making a quote independently and customizing it according to your needs with the prices expressed in clear text on the screen of your PC or smartphone allows you to have maximum control and conveniently choose which options to include and which to exclude, with a few clicks and in total transparency.




To top it all off, the ability to save. J

Taking out insurance online is not only more convenient, but it is also more convenient. Digital services have lower management costs than traditional channels (due to a more digital and optimized process) and can therefore provide you with extremely interesting offers. Furthermore, if the services in question offer innovative models such as those that provide a Giveback to virtuous policyholders, the savings are even more interesting than what you are used to paying.


Simplicity, Control, and convenience


If I asked you to take out your current policy within 1 minute to check the coverage that is expected, how would you react?

Most of you would probably go haywire, getting lost trying to remember where the hell the papers the insurer handed you months (if not years) ago went.

In the kitchen drawer? In the dashboard of the car? Crumpled into a coat pocket in the attic

Online insurance allows you to have everything under control, in your area on the platform that provided you with the service. The only thing you could lose in this case are your login credentials, but even here no problem because you just need to follow the password recovery procedure.

The so-called “home insurance” service (ie the personal area on websites) is not new for companies. The problem is that each company has its own. So if you have a home policy with company X and a car policy with company Y, you will have to connect to two different platforms (that of company X and that of company Y) to view the information of your policies.

If, on the other hand, the online service allows you to take out insurance with different companies, you can consult all this in one place (the so-called “all-in-one-place” service) having everything under control in total comfort.


Transaction tracking 


Having a personal area available also allows you to have control over your finances.

If the preservation of receipts, invoices, and receipts is not your strong point, you can rest assured. You will find all the operations carried out in your area just a click away, to have data tracking and total clarity (even when the tax return period approaches and you will have to collect all the various payments … your accountant will be there for you grateful!).


Sharing of “best practices” 


Traditional services are often chosen for “convenience of proximity” (usually refer to the insurer close to home) it is not easy to share positive experiences with friends and relatives. If you live in Turin and feel comfortable with an insurer near your home, you will hardly recommend the same insurer to your cousin who lives in Bari.

The online services are accessible from all over Italy by anyone. If you have discovered an excellent service and unparalleled customer assistance through an online service, you can recommend it to your cousin from Bari as well as to a friend from Venice, exchanging views and opinions.

And if there is an “invite a friend” program, you could even save money thanks to the fact that you invited them to know the service. What more do you want?


To conclude


Taking out insurance online is therefore an opportunity for all the reasons we have listed.

In addition to the simple economic convenience (which never hurts anyway!) There are a whole series of reasons why Italians are increasingly turning to online services for the stipulation of policies.



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