The Best Online Football Betting Strategies and Tactics

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Fed up with losing your money to bookmakers and do you struggle to win while playing online football betting? Here we have some great tips that will help you win online football betting.

About 71% of all sports betting involves football, with more than 500 billion US dollars, wagered every year. This makes football betting one of the most loved sports in the international betting markets. It is a high earning business that is worth billions of dollars. The details we have shared in our article here will show you how to make a good amount of real money while engaging in football betting.

Fool-proof Strategies to Win Football Betting

This comprehensive guide will help you beat the bookies when placing your bets on football matches.

We’ll be talking about a range of football betting strategies that can help you win good amounts while playing on online football betting sites. While there is no single strategy to guarantee a sure victory, there are a few top-notch ways to enhance your winnings on football.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting, also known as Sure bets, is a way of winning by placing multiple single wagers on multiple online football betting sites. To determine if these are sure bets, you must first find the best paying odds on various betting sites. This strategy allows a bettor to place a bet for a specific match on different sports books. The bettor can earn guaranteed real money, regardless of the final results.

To achieve success, the bets on a particular game should not be related to another game and draws must be avoided.

This applies to knockout competitions like World Cup matches or even UEFA Champions and Europa Leagues. If you can find an odds probability calculator it will increase your earnings and save you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on other games.

Accumulator and Value betting

“Value betting” as a football betting strategy requires an in-depth understanding of the sport and study of the player performance statistics. Even If you see that the odds are low, but you believe as per your analysis that you have a winner in hand, you can still place a bet on that game.

Your research and skills to gather data for an analytical study, can be helpful to pick up opportunities for value betting. To get the data to work, you will need to place many bets. Place multiple wagers if you want to win more.

Back & Lay Betting

When it comes to football betting, this is a common and proven strategy. You can bet for an event (known as “Back” betting) or against it (known as “Lay” betting). This method is unique since here you can trade your bets on various sports betting exchanges.

Draw Betting

Another well-known strategy used for online football betting is Draw betting where one can use prediction skills based on research and analysis of player’s performances in past games. All you need to is find those games whose final outcome would be a Draw. There are also leagues with many draws and some teams that like drawing their matches.

Bet on low-scoring teams

Betting is based on the right ratings. The market value of the correct rating bets more on their superiority than their statistical outcomes and style of play. Here lie the opportunities to win.

Atletico Madrid, the Spanish League’s team is more into defence play and usually win games with small margins. Tony Pulis is a bright example of this. As a manager he is known for his solid defence skills and has an ability to make a losing game into a winner, by narrow margins. The time he was with the team – Stoke City in England’s Premier League was a great example of this. It is better to place your faith in the right scores for your game so you can win big.

System bets

System bets are great if you don’t want to risk your money while betting online on football. Even if you lose, System bets can still make you money.

Lucky 15 betting system

The Lucky 15 strategy for betting is an improvement to the Yankee Bets. It is composed of 15 bets. These 15 bets consist of 4 single bets, 6 multi-leg and 4 three-leg bets, as well as 1 four-leg multi. Before you use this technique, we recommend that you study it in detail so you can improve your chances of winning.

  • Other strategies used for online football betting include:
  • Half-time/full-time technique
  • Handicap bets
  • Head-to-head betting strategy
  • Last-Minute-Goal bet technique
  • Over/under betting


While there are many football betting strategies there are no guaranteed winnings. The outcomes are determined by luck. However, if you use the above strategies or techniques with some self-discipline, a thorough analysis and perseverance to match, the winning chances while betting online on football, are greatly increased.


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