OnePlus not working properly? Rush to a reputed third-party OnePlus repair center

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Over the last few years, OnePlus has become one of the best-selling premium smartphones in India. It comes packed with a range of high-end features to offer an exceptional quality user experience to the consumers. But no phone is immune to damages, and in this case, OnePlus is not an exception. Accidents can happen with anyone at any point of time. You may accidentally drop your phone on a hard floor or spill some water on it. This can either result in a damaged body or some severe issue in its functionality.

If you have warranty, then you would simply prefer to avail OnePlus Care service to get your phone fixed. However, you must keep this mind that without warranty, even a minor repair job from OnePlus repair center can cost you a lot. In a situation like this, it can be really beneficial to approach a third-party repair center. There are a number of accredited repair centers that offer premium quality services at competitive prices, and promise to make your damaged phone as good as new. Continue to read to find out more about what all they can fix and why you should approach these independent repair centers.

What all can these independent repair centers fix?

  • Camera – The technicians at the repair centers correctly diagnose the problem and effortlessly deal with all kinds of camera issues.
  • Battery – The highly experienced and proficient technicians can replace your smartphone’s damaged battery with an original one in a flash.
  • Speaker and microphone – They can fix the faulty speakers and microphones within few hours.
  • Screen replacement – Don’t panic if you accidentally dropped your OnePlus phone on the floor and broke its screen, the repair centers can restore it back to its pristine state.
  • Back glass – OnePlus’ back glass is prone to severe damages, so don’t worry when you face a similar situation. Every reputed local repair center can seamlessly take care of that issue as well.
  • Charging and headphone jack – Whether it is due to dirt, damaged hardware or corrupt applications, they quickly diagnose and repair a defective headphone jack.

Why you should trust the third-party repair centers?

  • Genuine repair parts – There are many widely trusted OnePlus repair centers that know how damaging the aftermarket parts can be for your premium device, and hence, they only use original parts for repair/replacement services. At the same time, before installing any part in your phone, the technicians thoroughly check them to make sure that they are in an excellent condition.
  • Expert technicians – A number of repair centers are equipped with level 4 experts who can deal with any issue associated with the functionality of your phone in the shortest time possible. Additionally, they understand that it can be really challenging for you to stay without your phone for hours, and therefore, a bunch of them even offer same-day repair services at no extra cost. Along with this, the well-established centers provide you a standby OnePlus phone so that your life does not come to a halt.
  • Free pick and drop facility – Another noteworthy advantage of approaching accredited independent service centers is that they offer free pick and drop facility. This means that you can ask them to pick your phone from any location of your preference, and at the same time, your phone will also be delivered back to the location of your choice. With this incredible door-step facility, you do not have to go through any kind of hassle, and instead, you can just sit back and relax till your phone gets perfectly repaired.
  • Use exceptional quality tools and technology – These repair centers use global standard procedures to ensure that your device receives nothing but the best. In addition, they promise to use excellent quality tools and latest technology for mobile phone repairs. Their technology driven procedures further result in error-free and speedy services.
  • One-year warranty – While looking for independent repair centers, you may come across those experts who have years of experience in their field, know their craft very well, and have immense confidence in their services. And as customer satisfaction is extremely important for them, they provide one-year warranty on their tools and services. With warranty, the consumers get complete assurance that the damages were treated properly, and in case, the same issues bother them in the near future, they can anytime contact the center and claim their free repair service. Besides this, if your phone experiences a damage during the service, the technicians will take full responsibility for that.


No matter what the model of your OnePlus phone is, there are various reputed third-party OnePlus repair centers that can provide the best possible treatment to your damaged phone. However, you must properly search the markets to compare top three or four Smart phone repair centers, their services and their pricing, before handing over your precious device to any random repair center. Doing the needful research will help you in making an informed decision.


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