OMAD Diet – Is it safe to follow this diet?

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The impact of social media influencers on our daily life is so powerful that whatever these influencers do on these social media platforms. We also try doing the same thing without even realizing it.
We also often forget that all humans are different, whether is it color or shape we are not alike in any case.
So are you also following influencers? And starving yourself to death to get that perfect body shape and flawless skin?
Then wait no need to follow such OMAD diet plans shown by influencers and destroying your health.
Must be thinking why we are saying this right. Let us guide you. We have gathered all the information that will help you make a better decision. Whether you need to follow this diet or not.

What is the OMAD diet all about?

The abbreviation of OMAD is “One Meal A Day”. Yes, you’ve read it right a single meal in the whole day. This diet restricts you to consume the largest calories to meet the daily energy. For an adult, 1200 calories per day are a must.
If you’re planning to eat a Morning meal, then it should contain the following calories:
1. 680 calories
2. 685 calories
3. 467 calories (Total of 1,832) depending on age, height, weight, etc.
Either, if you are consuming a meal in the evening, then are the calories count that you can follow:
1. 880 calories
2. 350 calories
3. 309 calories
4. 275 calories (Total of 1, 814) depending on age, height, weight, etc.

What can happen if a person doesn’t consume enough calories?

If a person fails at consuming the mentioned calories a day. Here’s what can happen to him or her.
1. Extensive weight loss that is often not recommended by doctors or nutritionists. Moreover, once you get back to the normal diet you will again gain the same weight that you’ve shredded.
2. One meal a day can put extensive pressure on your intestine which one the same time will also increase the blood sugar level of the body.
3. Massive weakness throughout the day. Mood swings, pale face, body pain, dizziness, headache shakiness are some of the major issues that you can experience throughout the day.
4. Slow metabolism
5. Irritability
Moreover, there are many other sides affected that one can experience. But the effects can vary from body to body accordingly.

Should you follow the OMAD diet, yes or no?

According to doctors and nutritionists, the OMAD diet is strictly forbidden. As it’s considered to be a dangerous diet. These diets cause speedy weight loss which can lead to heart failure, high blood pressure, and wooziness, etc.
Thus, one must avoid the OMAD diet. In concise to this there are many other ways to lose weight. Like avoid fatty & oily food, carbohydrates, sugary drinks (shakes, cold beverages, coffee, etc.)

Our Final verdict

Hope all this information has given you a clear picture of which you should practice the OMAD diet. But lastly, the choice is all yours. We will only recommend you to eat healthily and do exercise regularly. Trust us you will eventually reach your goal.

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