Need and Importance of Preview Dialer Software for Banking Industry

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As the name suggests, preview dealer is an outbound dialer that is used by call centers to dial contacts from a list of numbers. The software presents the agent with all the necessary information about the prospect or customer to be called. This automatic telephone dialing system is used by many industries including banking and financial companies to get a preview of the customer information before dialing a contact. The software allows agents to view all the necessary details of the contact in the CRM such as:

  • The information related to previous interactions
  • Sale transactions
  • Frequent issues
  • Agent who handles the query previously
  • Result of the previous call, etc.

Preview dialer software provides a substantial amount of time to the agents before dialing a contact which allows them to personalize the interaction. This further increases the chances of successful resolution of customer queries and increases customer satisfaction rate. Such types of dialers are very beneficial for campaigns where the higher specification is to convert more crucial leads.

Benefits of a preview dialing system

Preview dialing is a simple yet highly effective outbound dialing system. Some of the key benefits of preview dialing system include:

  • No more dropped calls: With the help of preview dialing software, agents are able to talk to potential customers immediately. It means there are no delays in connecting calls, hence, no chances of dropped calls.
  • Reduced idle time: Another key benefit of the preview dialer system is that it reduces the idle time between two calls thereby increasing the time on live calls. It further increases the connection ratio and productivity of agents as they spend more time talking.
  • Better customer engagement: Preview dialer allows call center agents to view the customer’s details throughout the call. As banking and financial companies need to handle a large volume of calls on a daily basis, the software can be very helpful for them to reach out to thousands of people every day.
  • Improved agent efficiency: When the call center agents are provided with the required insights on the customers before engaging, they can better implement their goals and execute the right practices to ensure the best possible customer experience.
  • Better conversion rate: As the preview dealer presents agents with enough information about the prospects, they get empowered to engage the customer better. They can even personalize the conversation and deliver better customer service. All these things increase the chances of conversion to a great extent.
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting: With the help of advanced Call Center Software, call center managers and agents can get real-time access to call data and reports that can further be utilized to derive useful insights. Real-time monitoring enables upper-level management to keep track of all call center activities and key metrics.
  • Cost-efficient solution: Financial institutions and banks are able to save a great deal of money by implementing all-inclusive Call Center Software like the preview dialer. Such software perfectly complements an organization’s phone system, thus helping them to save huge amounts on the communication system.

How does a preview dialer work for the banking and financial companies?

Financial companies, especially banking companies make large volumes of calls each day. Outbound dialers act as a valuable tool for such companies as it helps them in improving their productivity. Having a preview of a prospect’s details can give calling campaigns a big push in the right direction.

First, the dialer system selects a customer’s record from a list of leads and then presents the lead information, including the call history to the call center agent. Upon reviewing the record, the agent makes a decision whether to call the customer or skip it and shift to another customer. Preview dialer is particularly ideal for complex sales campaigns wherein customer research is essential in between calls.

The dialer eliminates the need to dial numbers manually. The enterprises are just required to upload their list of customers or clients into the system. Search for a specific contact, or scroll through each one, then click to call them one-by-one. Additionally, with a cloud-based preview dialer, there is no need for installing a complex hardware system; all just required is a headset and a computer.


In all, preview dialers for banking and financial companies make customer engagements more effective and meaningful. It is undoubtedly a perfect tool to manage phone interactions efficiently and effectively.



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