Myths About Dental Implants That You Need To Stop Believing

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Dental implants in India are the latest and the most cutting edge technology in the field of oral health in the country. These have completely revolutionised corrective as well as cosmetic dental surgery, and hence the demand for implants is on a steady rise. However, as they are yet to be that commonplace, there are also several misconceptions that make many people think twice before getting one. If you are worried about the alleged issues like high full mouth dental implants cost or its maintenance, or pain, let us put your fears to rest and address these popular myths that you need to stop believing today!


Dental Implants Are Expensive

Possibly the biggest question we get is if dental implants are unimaginably expensive. If you check the price of a single tooth implant cost in Delhi you might indeed feel a bit of pocket pinch but remember this is a permanent procedure that will last you for life. And with pocket-friendly and EMI options for senior citizens and government officials offered by us, they are the way to go! With the sheer strength and benefits of implants, it is once in a lifetime investment that will save you years of frequent treatment costs in the future, thus actually cheaper in the long run. In order to replace a missing tooth, one can either go for dental implants or conventionally used dental bridges or dentures. While dental bridges need to be changed once after every 5 or 10 years, dental implants last for a lifetime, hence they are a preferred option to go for.


Dental Implants Need Maintenance

The only maintenance that dental implants need is the same as your own natural teeth do, such as keeping them clean, brushing twice a day, avoiding too sugary or citrus food, and such basic care tips. These implants are made of extremely durable and strong material, which makes it almost impossible to damage them, if you treat them like natural teeth. You will need no dietary restrictions or changes for implants.


Implants Look Fake

This is mostly asked by those who are looking into single tooth implant cost in Delhi because they are worried their implant will stand out from the rest of the teeth. However, dental implants are made to look exactly like natural teeth as the implant placement calls for putting a crown over your teeth, which matches the perfect shade the rest of your teeth are. They mimic the light reflecting properties of tooth as well, and thus, look the same in every kind of light. Leave alone others, even you will not be able to tell it apart!


You Face Will Sink In

This misconception commonly arises from people’s experience of dentures. However, the difference lies in the fact that dentures sit on top of your gums, while implants go into the gum and fuse with the jawbone, stimulating the function of the roots of natural teeth, and thus, stimulating the regeneration of jaw bone soft tissues. This prevents the sunken-in appearance that denture users get.


Implants Are Less Hygienic

People are often worried about the presence of the metal screws or frame in their jaw, which holds the implant in its place. However, these are made of inert and sterile materials, and they fuse into the bone. You do not need to remove or clean your implants, which eliminates any exposure to bacteria or germs. Dental implants are also biocompatible making them friendly to your body’s tissue and oral structure and the body adapts and accepts it as one of its own. Don’t let a full mouth dental implants cost deter you as unlike dentures, this is a one-time and wiser expense.


It Is Painful

Okay, we will not lie to you that through the entire thing you will not experience any discomfort at all. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia, hence, the process is one hundred percent painless. You will not feel a single thing. However, once out of that numbing effect, you might feel a little rawness or discomfort, but that is very minor and completely normal. Your dentist will also prescribe you medication, mostly common OTC pain meds, laughing gas and sedation techniques, to relieve that.


There Is An Upper Age Limit

While it is true that there is a lower age limit for implants, anyone who has achieved skeletal maturity is eligible for dental implants. There are are different kinds of screws and supportive frames to ensure perfect natural looking teeth replacement for senior patients who have jaw bone loss. Even younger people with cosmetic or dental health issues, or specially-abled persons who cannot handle dentures can benefit from implants as well.


Now that these myths have been debunked, do not turn to the Internet and its fear-mongering stop you from taking the best dental decision of your life. If you feel like you need a dental implant talk to a qualified dental care professional to get the best opinion and option for your needs. Now that we have dental implants in India, if your dentist has prescribed them you, do not hesitate to opt for it.


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