MTN Does Not Allow Users To Convert Airtime To Cash

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If there are any major unanswered questions among MTN users, it has to do with converting airtime to cash.

We’ve got a lot of people calling to ask for an opportunity to convert airtime to cash.

When people send you airtime over the phone, and you want to find a way to convert airtime to cash. However, it is not possible. At least for now.

So the big question many are asking is; if mobile money belongs to MTN and airtime belongs to MTN, why not allow customers to change their air time to MOMO, especially when people can turn MOMO into airtime.

This is a difficult question that no one has yet tried to answer. But we are trying to provide a clear explanation for this question in this article.

Fraudsters can benefit from that situation.
Suppose MTN enables anyone to change their airtime with Mobile Money, convert airtime to cash. One day you will maliciously send airtime to a wrong number, and when you call the number, you already how that will turn out.

Call MTN, and they will tell you that the person has already converted the airtime to cash.

How would you feel about that?

Also, criminals can steal airtime from other people’s phones and convert them into Mobile Money on their personal accounts. They may also end up robbing scratch card sellers and converting the cards into Mobile Money.

This will cause a lot of chaos in the system.

MTN has nothing to gain but much to lose
Let’s be good here. It is unreasonable for MTN to consider allowing its customers to change their airtime for Mobile money.

Given this, there is a desire that many people will change their time for Phone money. Now, the logic is that; once you buy air time and finish it. In other words, MTN is confident that it will reap huge benefits every time you buy airtime.

But as soon as there is a chance you can withdraw that time from Mobile MOney, it is likely that when you buy the right air time cedis 10 cedis and then search for money, you can remove 9 cedis in that 10 cedis period. In other words, MTN lost 9 Cedis profits through this transaction alone.

Naturally, no business would want to put itself in a position to continue to be lost. And MTN will not put itself in such situations.

Another Way To Convert Airtime Into Cash
All hope is not lost. Although MTN does not allow you to convert your airtime directly into Mobile Money, you can still convert that currency into Money or Mobile Money.

So, it’s easy. You have to find someone who needs the airtime and transfer the airtime to them using the MTN Me2U service.

In other words, the person pays you, or they can pay in your mobile money wallet when they receive the airtime.


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