Moving In Summers: Best Ways To Make It Easy & Breezy With Packers & Movers

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In India, the hottest time of the year is between March to August, as the sun shines brightly this time. It would be an excruciating job to plan your move during these hot and humid days. Even many reputed packers and movers fail to cope up with shifting challenges during this hottest period. During this summer season, house shifting services in Hyderabad often experience a surge in the demand for professional house shifting in Hyderabad. Because many people choose this particular time for their relocation.

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Many experienced and deft packers and movers often find it an arduous job to relocate goods on the hot days of sultry summer. In many parts of India, the temperature goes beyond 40 degrees Celsius during May and June, so you need to choose the best packers and movers in Hyderabad if you are planning to move during this time. To avoid the exhaustion of moving in the summers, always employ the right moving company for a safe and hassle-free movement of your items.

Let’s take a look at some of the quick tips to plan your move in summer.

Plan it early

Always make early planning for your relocation, as the demand is on the higher side in this season. Don’t wait for the last moment as most house shifting services in Hyderabad would be busy completing the bulk of orders during summers. To avoid the last moment rush, go for advanced booking. You can easily find a packing service provider during the offseason, but hiring eminent packers and movers could be more challenging in this peak season. Since most people are opting for a summer move, most house shifting service providers embrace customers with stress-free and safe relocation services.

Start your move Early

Avoid relocation during the daytime, as you may face the scorching heat of summer at noontime. That’s why plan your move early in the morning when temperatures and humidity levels are quite low. Most reputed packers and movers offer you to select slots at your convenience. Apart from the heat, you can avoid traffic and congestion by starting the move early. Plan to start your move at 8 a.m. or even early. Don’t plan your move between 12-4 p.m. because the temperature is highest during this time. If you can’t plan in the morning, then plan your move in the late afternoon or evening hours when the temperature is lower as compared to the rest of the day.

Choose the shortest route

To avoid roaming around the city on hot summer days, always choose the shortest route. Do some research and discuss the best route with your packers and movers in Hyderabad before leaving. Choose two or three routes to the desired destination. But pick the shortest one to reach your destination without any delay. Coordinate with your moving companies for real-time updates of your belongings.

Discard junk or unwanted items

During this sultry summer, if you spend more time outdoors (especially in the daytime), it will drain away all your energy. Now imagine the devastating situation that your packers and movers in Hyderabad would face while spending a lot of time in packing, loading, and shifting your chunk of goods during unfriendly weather. Though there are assigned staff who will work restlessly, still you can help them only by minimizing the number of movables by selling, donating, or discarding. The relocation staff will not face unnecessary struggling while handling too many items in this unpleasant weather. Moreover, this will also lessen your shifting expenses.

Avoid moving flammable items

When exposed to high temperatures, certain items are more susceptible to catching fire. Though local packers and movers used to refuse to shift such inflammable goods, the prodigious moving companies in Hyderabad use special carriers to transport heat-sensitive items like fuel, sanitisers, chemicals, kerosene, and other types of combustible items. Some delicate items like electronics, artwork, food packages, artwork, candles, fireworks, etc. may get damaged due to extreme heat. Thus, ensure your packing service company is using the right packing material and moving vehicle to safely carry your goods during this scorching heat of summer.

Stay Hydrated

Extreme dehydration can cause serious problems to your health. Carry sufficient water to stay hydrated throughout the relocation procedure. Though anyone can feel the thirst anytime, you keep extra water bottles or fruit juice to ensure that you and your packers and movers in Hyderabad stay properly hydrated.

Don’t wear heavy fabrics and inappropriate clothing

If you are planning to move in the summer heat, you should wear light, breathable clothing like cotton and comfortable, closed-toe shoes with socks. Don’t wear heavy fabrics and high heels to look more stylish. Because moving often demands lifting heavy boxes, walking back and forth between rooms, driving long distances, and packing boxes. If you don’t wear appropriate clothing, you may not feel comfortable while doing these tasks. Apply sunscreen while moving in the daytime. Choose a water-resistant sunscreen with broad-spectrum and SPF of 30 (minimum) coverage).

Don’t move during a holiday weekend

Don’t plan to move at summer weekends because there will be fewer packers and movers available to assist you with your move. Moreover, this will also increase your relocation cost. So, avoid moving in summer holiday weekends along with Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labour Day.

Carry a portable fan with you

Carrying a portable fan will help you stay cool during a summer move. You can place this portable fan at your entrance of the new home where your moving company will be loading and unloading the truck. Portable fans are affordable and you can find them at any nearby stores within your budget.

Moving in summer can add extra stress and exhaustion to anyone. By following the above tips, you can accomplish your move perfectly during the scorching heat of summer.

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