Morning Desert Safari –Unlock The Aesthetic Wilderness in Dubai

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Dubai is the land of comely beauty, adventures, and traditional insights. From sliding down the high water slides in the Wild Wadi World to crossing the high dunes in a morning desert safari Dubai. There are uncountable opportunities for travel enthusiasts to create ever-lasting memories. Considering this, a group of such tourists, including me, headed out for a morning venture to the conservation reserve of Dubai. We booked the itinerary through Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. To save our time for the evening head out, we couldn’t get any better.

If you too are planning to witness the sunrise at the Arabian Desert, this text is surely for you. Keep on reading to unleash the bounties of this aesthetic region on earth.

What Does A Morning Desert Safari Offer?

1. Voyage to the Deserted Land

The classic way of heading to the desert is using a 4×4 or a bus service. You can avail of any of that depending upon your budget. However, many people also grab the self-driven desert safari in Dubai packages in which they get free parking slots as well. Our journey to the desert began with a pickup in an off-road vehicle by a skilled driver. Leaving the glitz & glam of the city before the sunrise was a bizarre journey in itself.

2. Aesthetic Sunrise Views

The most aesthetic views in a morning desert safari can be witnessed during the sunrise. As the beholder sees the colour-changing sky and awakening dunes, a hit of tranquillity runs through his system. The background is eminently picturesque. You can click the stunning hot air balloons, sparkling golden hues of the rising sun, and lovely sand ripples. The wider your perspective to the beauteous nature, the more room is there for you to click your best shots. 

Meanwhile, the photographer from Happy Adventures Tourism beautifully clicked the dramatic sunrise.

3. Dune Bashing in SUVs

Dune bashing is regarded as the amateur dune activity in the dune arena. It is the most opted sand sport for which madcaps find them most excited. Dune bashing is taken place in a 4×4 SUV. That could be a hummer, land cruiser, wrangler jeeps, or dune buggies. A dune buggy allows two riders, whereas other 4x4s allow a maximum number of 6 people. 

We enjoyed this exotic activity in a Nissan patrol along with the company of our tour operator from Happy Adventures Tourism LLC. However, some of us also drove dune buggies.

4. Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is an amusing activity that is mostly relished by kids. It is similar to that of waterboarding and ice skiing. You may have tried surfing over the wooden board on streets, water surfaces, or snow. Now it’s time to try surfing on the sand ripples. It’s all about balance. 

Once you have practised enough, you can go unstoppable while sliding down the high slopes of the Arabian sand. Moreover, gliding in the middle of the dune arena during the early morning hours is a serene experience.

5. Camel Safari

Camel riding is meant to be experienced in the desert. Explore the vast sand ocean by following the lead of Bedouin among the camel caravan. Discover the unseen flora and fauna of the marshy habitat during the bizarre camel ride. Spot the group of oryxes, hopping gazelles, hyenas, wild cats & foxes, and reptiles. 

During the new aurora in the desert, a camel safari leaves you in serenity and peace reflects from all over your aura. A camel ride is a must-experience buzz in Dubai, especially in a morning desert safari.

6. Refreshing Breakfast

Morning desert safari brings a delightful breakfast menu along with the sand madness. We were escorted to the Bedouin-themed cams where we had luscious breakfast. The hosts from team Happy Adventures Tourism were so welcoming that they impressively presented the savoury. There were all the breakfast essentials from pancakes & cookies to cocktails and tea. It’s a unique way for Arabian hosts of welcoming their guests. 

Moreover, we had unlimited free access to chilled soft drinks, mineral water, and refreshing snacks. Consuming the divine sips of refreshing beverages is a delightful experience in the middle of the Bedouin’s home.

7. Classic Campsites

Resting in the Bedouin-themed camps is another fun part of the exotic activities on the terrain. These camps are embellished with eye-catching details. The colourful rugs and other amenities were facilitated for the visitors. Happy Adventures Tourism operators made sure to facilitate our crew with necessities. These include a cosy resting tent, separate toilets for males and females, toiletries, and free mineral water. 

Those camps gave us a timeless vibe of being merely nomads who are out to spend the most reckless day of a lifetime. Although we had a very short stay in those caravansaries, every moment was worth spending there.

8. Rooted Arabian Tradition

The campsites also invite tourists to witness the Emirati tradition in the barrenness. There is a Henna painting activity for women and kids, which they enjoy to a huge extent. Arabian outfitting is also an overwhelming activity that goes on at the campsite. In this, people dress up like native Arabs and get photographs along with the heritage birds. 

Falcon show also goes on for the amusement of the public. It is the heritage hunting sport of the Arabs. Eras ago when the Bedouins were dealing with scarcity of food and water, they innovated this hunting tack by training their pet falcon birds. 


So this was a detailed outline of what I experienced being the guest of Happy Adventures Tourism in their expedition to the dunes. The far-spread golden sand smears the surroundings into serenity during the early morning hours. From bashing in the 4x4s to resting in the Bedouin camps, every single activity reigns mindfulness on the wanderers.


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