5 Design and Tech Mistakes Every Website Owner Needs to Avoid

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When it comes to creating and operating a website, one should try his level best to avoid mistakes and errors. Squeezing out some time to research and do the homework about your competitors’ sites will pay off in the long run. Most importantly, it will help you create an error-free and engaging website!

Interestingly, website design and technical mistakes are more common than you think. To appease your curiosity, you can open 10 different websites from the niche of, let’s say, IT staffing agencies, or any other for that matter. And you will see recurring occurrences of common mistakes related to design, content, layout, and so on.

Let’s talk about some of the common website mistakes and ways to deftly sidestep them!

What is Essential for a Good Website?

If you are creating a website for a growing brand or a startup, the last thing that you want to be guilty of is obvious design, content, and technical mistakes! Creating a professional and well-designed website is one of the prime needs of any business.

Know that the goal of a website is not just to serve as a buying/selling platform. It should also peddle the visitors and entice them into learning more about your company by creating a recall value and a strong online presence. To gain new customers, establish credibility, and fostering customer relationships, an effective website provides:

  • An optimal and user-friendly experience.
  • A steady and frequent flow of targeted leads.
  • Ongoing sales.

It’s time to come up with a new and improved web strategy. Let’s help you with identifying some of the most common website mistakes and ways to avoid them effectively.

Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid When Creating a Website

  1. Not a Very Responsive Design.
  2. Too Much Content and Information.
  3. Too Little Content and Information.
  4. Usability Errors.
  5. Poor Typography and Layout.

Not a Very Responsive Design

A website with a poor and non-responsive design is a major mistake. More than half the online searches are done on smartphones today. Therefore, it is essential for a website to display all its contents properly. Working on the mobile-optimized version of your website is as important as working on the desktop versions.

Moreover, Google is now penalizing non-responsive sites. So, it’s high time that you start working on making your website responsive. The following are some suggestions to make your website design responsive.

Test a third-party code because APIs for the websites can increase load time.

Instead of adding unnecessary icons, ensure the creative usability of negative space.

To make it optimized for various devices, use the appropriate size of the screen icon.

According to Google algorithm, slow and non-responsive websites have a higher bounce rate. Google suggests that the website should take no longer than 3 seconds to load if you want to ensure that the visitors stay.

Too Much Content and Information

We have come across websites, which are bombarded with too much information within a little available space. Perhaps those website owners feel an urge to inform people about their diverse range of services and products. But when there is access to info regarding vision, policies, team capabilities, and so much more, the visitors will feel overwhelmed.

It’s best to keep it concise, crisp, and engaging. Why? Your visitors take an average of 0.9 seconds to skim through and see if the website has what they are looking for. If they don’t find it or the huge chunks of info look too overwhelming, the chances are that they will move to the next site in the SERP.

Moreover, research indicates that only 16% of the users actually read the text while 79% only scan or skim through the website. Therefore, to make your website info more scan-able and easier to navigate, consider incorporating headings, subheadings, and bullets instead of long, monotonous, and chunky paragraphs.

Too Little Content and Information

Yes, minimal design is one of the hottest trends these days. However, this doesn’t imply that your website is highly cryptic and vague. You need to cover the essentials and key factors while creating your website content.

And one of these key factors is to provide relevant information in every section and page of your website according to its design. This means that when a visitor lands on a particular website page, he gets to-the-point, crisp, and relevant info on what he is looking for.

For instance, your visitor lands on the product page. You need to make sure that the info related to the products is right there. Furthermore, if they want to explore a particular product and seek more info about it, there should be robust navigating features incorporated to assist their journey.

Usability Errors

Make sure that your website doesn’t have general usability errors. To make your website design a success, you need to think from the visitor’s perspective. When they visit a website, they have certain queries in mind. You need to address those queries carefully.

Some of the obvious concerns and queries are related to:

  • Price of your products/services.
  • Refund policy.
  • Contact information.
  • Store locations.
  • Shipping policy.
  • Competitive advantage.

Make sure you provide all this relevant info in concise detail.

Poor Typography and Layout

Maintaining cognitive fluency throughout the website should be one of the prime goals of a website owner. Make sure your website steers clear of ambiguous and messy fonts. Make sure the font is similar throughout the website and avoid using symbols, hand-drawn scripts, and cursive fonts.

Make sure you also keep other elements of typography streamlined. Some of them are tracking, kerning, and leading. All these factors are relevant whether you have a website for one of the clothing brands, engineering staffing agencies, or skincare brands.

Lastly, make sure you incorporate proper CTAs in your website content. Visitors shouldn’t be confused about what to do if they want to order something or call to ask details.


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