MetaTrader Lesson: Diversify your Portfolio in 3 Ways

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Every trader wishes to get more profit than their loss. So one strategy to ensure the safety of their assets is to make sure that they diversify their portfolio.

This technique seems easy and common but for a beginner, it requires thorough thinking and practice in order to master it.

In this article, we are going to introduce some ways to help you jumpstart your diversification strategy.

But beforehand, we would like to give you a bit of background on what portfolio diversification is all about. When we say diversify, the first thing that comes to our mind is the term “multiple”.

That’s right, as attested by MetaTrader platform users; portfolio diversification is simply the manner of managing or handling multiple trading accounts or having multiple means in order to get more profit.

Here are some tips that you can try to juice up your trial for the diversification technique.

  1. Sign up for a multi asset platform

If you are really planning to establish your portfolio diversification skills then you need to make sure that you have the most essential element to start doing it.

Exactly! You need a platform which will serve as your workstation to monitor your transaction.

There are lots of available platforms online and some are even downloadable for free just like MetaTrader.

However, one important tip that we can give you is to make sure that you sign up for a multi asset platform instead of a single asset.

You have chosen multi asset platforms because they make your monitoring easier by connecting all your accounts in a single platform.

  1. Make sure that you have enough funds for your accounts

Managing a multiple trading account does not come for free. Just like in any form of investment, you need to have a capital to be able to perform the things that you wish to do.

When it comes to the world of trading, multiple asset accounts may seem expensive but with your budgeting and management strategies, you are able to spend at least less than expected.

You can also discuss your preferences with your broker or financial adviser to make both of your ends meet.

  1. Pay off high interest debts

Reality check, traders’ lives do not just revolve around maintaining an account and collecting profits.

Just like regular people, they also have other financial responsibilities that need to be addressed.

Telephone and internet bills, personal needs and even family needs are some of the things that also need to be settled.

On top of that, some people also have luxury and relaxation expenses to consider.

As a money smart individual, experts advise cutting off unnecessary expenses so that you are able to have some spare amount that could go under your savings instead of payments.

One way to do so is to make sure that credit cards are used only when necessary because most of these cards would cause high interest debts at the end of the day.


With the several temptations that we see in our day to day lives, the challenge of portfolio diversification may seem impossible because most of us think of the things that are currently happening to us rather than the future.

But with the help of the right platform and group of people to inspire us, imbibing the values of a well disciplined trader will someday bring a more financially secured future.


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