Meeting Room Booking Systems In 2021 – The Integral Upgrade In Offices

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It is 2021, we’re in the middle of a pandemic that is far from anything but over. Being the smartest and the most able of all species on this planet. It is essential to find new ways to survive in the post-pandemic world and most industries are already at it. Some via smart tracking devices for employees, some by introducing the most advanced meeting room booking systems in their office spaces.


A Meeting Room Scheduling System In 2021?

Yes, just like many other advancements in the previous years – this is another revolutionary application. Which people are using to dwell into the new normal.


Professionals, most of them, do not have the luxury to stay at home or set up their premise within their 4 walls. So as to bring the industrial processes back to normal. It was important to find a way to reduce daily interaction and function without a lot of human touching and hustle-bustle.


This was only possible with the help of the new meeting room booking software, which allows you to control your organization and all your resources in the most sophisticated and risk-free manner.


Let us explain:

In an organization, what is the most difficult part of the everyday routine? Finding your desk? No. Finding your set of teammates and co-workers? No. The hardest part is to secure a meeting room, when and where required.


Despite having the freedom to run your team your way, if you cannot hold the fortress to discuss a few important things or to revise the week’s performance, then it can be very difficult to perform to the required levels.


With the help of the innovative features of the revolutionary meeting room scheduling system, everything happens from your smartphone or tablet.


Without having to move a leg or consult a dozen people. You can simply look for the best rooms available and book one as per your choice and requirement. The meeting room scheduling software gives you access to a portal, where rooms can be listed, chosen, and booked in advance.


What next?

Now everytime your team and you want to discuss something important, you have the power to fix a meeting according to your schedule. The meeting room scheduling system ensures there are no clashes and everyone gets to choose their choice of room without going any extra mile.


Immediate Benefits You Will Get

Of course a smarter workplace allows better communication without extra risk. In the new normal, where social-distancing norms must be ensured to function without suffering a fine or penalty. It is essential to follow rules and maintain safe distance.


A meeting room booking software. Which allows bookings to be made from your safe cabin, is the very requirement for bigger organizations, multinational enterprises, and even for bigger factories and warehouses.


What are the other benefits you will get?


  • Elimination of Conflicts & Double Bookings

A lot of times in an organization. You end up realizing at the very moment of the meeting that your room has been compromised. That last minute dejection can cause delays. Which can hamper your overall performance and that of your team and set of employees.


A proper meeting room booking system enables this confusion won’t arise. This preemptive method of detection, prevention eliminates the majority of office productivity related problems of having to find a vacant room.


  • More Than Just A Way To Book

Choosing meeting room booking system that provides various avenues for booking can simplify the process of finding, reserving room easier.


From a web based interface that can be accessed through any browser to a mobile application or a wall-mounted room display panel can provide staff who are always on the move to be able to find and reserve rooms. Offices that use Microsoft Outlook can leverage on plug-ins that allow them to reserve rooms right from within Outlook.


  • Access Control & Rights

When meeting rooms have the right set of facilities, similar implementations can make board rooms, auditoriums, and other available facilities smarter and brighter for use.


Workflow approvals provide oversight into special rooms such as auditoriums, labs and classrooms that are required for important meetings and specific events.


This makes the workplace truly democratic and within the mentioned regulations.


  • Less Human Resource Requirement

With authorities capable of booking from a distance. The introduction of a smart meeting room booking system can reduce the requirement of a supervisor, room coordinator, or receptionist.


When the task of room reservation is delegated to the staff, coordination between the staff can result in the people working together to take over empty meeting rooms.


  • Coordination of Services Are 10x Better

From the kind of chairs, to the A/V requirements, and the projectors. Everything seems to be better equipped when the booking rooms are made available with the help of  meeting room display.


The availability of choice and specific tailor-made requirements have made meeting rooms better equipped than ever before.


Changes to meeting timings and room location are seamlessly transmitted to the various parties involved such as kitchen, resources team eliminating the need to update different parties through email for every change. This can be a serious time-saver. A confidence booster for the meeting requestors while simplifying the life of the resources and catering team.


Better All-Round Usage of Rooms

The maintenance department will have the rooms under better control. When they’re being booked and cancelled with the help of meeting room booking system.


Knowing the schedule of the next meeting and a cancelled meeting allows the rooms to be maintained as per requirement. The ease of booking and cancelling enables an organization to save on lights, air-conditioning, and other such factors.


This way the office management can also plan better and allocate more resources or rooms as per requirement.



Whether you’re planning to work from office in this new normal or are one of those sceptical kinds who wants to wait for a few more months. Having technology on-board can save time, extra efforts, and keep you and your employees relatively safe.


Not everyday we talk about a pandemic of this scale and not everyday do we hear about lockdowns crippling families, economies and mega-rich MNCs.


A lot has been lost due to this Covid19 pandemic. A quick restart is the only opportunity for people to survive and reach a threshold where they were before calamity struck home.


By ensuring you have the latest meeting room booking app on your smartphone or tablet. You can make the most of technology in these troublesome times. Remember – a safe and sound organization can work better towards achieving targets.


Find the latest meeting room scheduling systems for demo.


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