Mark Your Forever at the Altar with the Best Engagement Ring

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Engagements are a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. No woman, or a man for that matter, wants their only day to be anything less than perfect. Engagement rings are the center stage of the entire engagement ceremony. Most of the time, much emphasis is put on the bride’s ring, and the groom’s ring receives no interest or traction whatsoever. 

It is time we start giving out output and opinion towards men’s rings as well. Engagements are for both the bride and groom, so you should give importance to both equally. Choosing engagement rings for women is a hectic affair. There are many alternatives to make it a less hectic situation. 

For example, platinum love bands are much in trend these days where you get a matching set of rings for both the bride and groom. By going for platinum love bands, you can give much-needed importance to both the men’s and women’s ring and leave no one unsatisfied. 

Read on to know more about the engagement ring options you have in 2021.

Latest Engagement Ring Trends You Should Know About

  • Two-Stone Ring

Two-Stone Rings are one of the unique engagement ring choices that come to anyone’s mind. Those couples who are searching for engagement rings unique can opt for this one. As the name says, they come with two different stones separated by a distance. 

Although there is a little distance amidst the stones, it represents how two souls become one with love. Post the bonding; the souls spend the rest of their lifetime, spiraling around and supporting each other through thick and thin. The idea behind this kind of ring design is unique, and that is what makes them very special. 

  • Wedding Bands

These are similar to the platinum love bands we mentioned earlier. Wedding bands can be made of platinum, gold, or any other material with either a diamond or emerald mounting. These are classic designs that come in pairs for men and women and complement each other very well.

You can get these statement bands with or without a stone at the center, depending on your choices and budget. If you choose to get center stone, ensure that the stone you are selecting has an excellent cut and shape. Gone are the days of the saying that diamonds are forever. You can choose a stone of your own choice and customize your love bands according to your needs. 

  • Emerald Rings

Emeralds are bright and beautiful green gemstones that are not the usual choice for engagement ceremonies. Since it is not a typical choice, emerald rings stand as a unique option for engagement-like occasions. 

If you think about it, nobody expects their proposal or engagement ring to be green in color but does it steal the chance of surprising your to-be-wife? Not at all; emeralds are gemstones that have the charm and glow to woo anyone off their feet. 

  • Sapphire Rings 

Sapphire rings have the capability of reminding you of that scene from the Titanic. We all have seen the blue pendant called the heart of the ocean in the film. Blue is such a color that calms you down and at the same enchants you into a new world. 

By getting a sapphire ring for your wedding or engagement, you can also make a movie reference and win the heart of your lady over. Engagement rings diamond and sapphire are among the most popular options, and there is a reason why most people get them. Many royal families started wearing sapphire as their wedding ring, and that is how the trend of sapphire engagement rings was introduced to the world. 

Pop-culture has a very heavy influence on the materialistic world of what we wear. Diamond and Sapphire rings are prime examples of how pop culture has managed to change the overall look of engagement rings. So, getting a sapphire ring to propose to your lady, at the altar can be a treat to your love as well as the onlookers present at the venue.


Almost all the notable trends and options for engagement rings have been listed here. Apart from that, be careful when choosing the shape and cut of the ring. Many a time, even if the stone and the material of which the band is made are perfect, the only con the ring comes with is its shape. 

Forgoing safe, you can diamond engagement rings oval, which is a classic choice. Other than that cushion, princess, round, rose, and many other cuts are there from where you can choose. Go through a lot of brands and websites before selecting one, consult with your partner to understand each other’s requirements to come up with the best choice.

Ultimately, the purpose is to see that smile of pleasant surprise and happiness on your lady’s face and win her heart over the second time.


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