Mantel Clocks: Their History and Different Types

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It doesn’t matter if you call it a mantel clock (synonym: mantle clock) or a mantelpiece clock. The point is that you should put the clock above the fireplace on your mantelpiece

If you want to buy a mantle clock, you should learn everything you can about your alternatives. Why? If you’re well-informed, you’ll be able to select the perfect clock for your needs and goals, regardless of material, kind, style, or price. Obviously, deciding which one to purchase may be difficult. Don’t be concerned; we’ll assist you. Let’s learn more about mantel clocks.

Mantelpiece clocks have a long and illustrious history

Mantel clocks were quite popular in the 1700s and 1800s because they were very inexpensive to produce. You might be wondering why this particular clock is referred to as a “mantel clock.” And the explanation is that it was given that name because of its size. That is to say, these antique clocks were small enough to fit on a mantelpiece. These clocks, on the other hand, are no longer required to be maintained on one’s mantel. They may be used in any room of the house.

Today, there are a plethora of mantel clock alternatives to select from—the possibilities are infinite. This covers both battery-operated and mechanical devices, as well as those built of a variety of materials. .

Imitations or reproductions of antique mantel clocks, modern versions, contemporary clocks from the original era are all options for mantel clocks (but those will cost you).

Mantel clocks come in a variety of types

There are certain things to consider if you’re merely searching for a clock for your house. You should think about the type of your home, the size of the clock you want, and the amount of money you are available to spend.

It’s also critical to consider the qualities you desire in a mantle clock. Most clocks, for example, may be turned on and off automatically at night. You must choose between wind-up and battery-operated mantel clocks. You’ll need to determine if the clock chimes or is quiet. There are two movements to select from: a battery-powered quartz clock and a mechanical clock wound by a key.

There are distinctions between these two sorts of timepieces. If you are more of a traditionalist, you may want to acquire wooden mantel clocks. If you want a more modern aesthetic in your house, our finest glass mantel clocks list has you covered.

Mantel clocks that are charger or wind-up

A more recent invention is a battery-powered mantel clock. Most of the time, this type of clock offers a variety of features, such as various alarms. This type of clock is also known as a quartz-operated mantel clock. Although this is a more contemporary clock, it is still available in a number of designs.

In truth, vintage battery-operated clocks are still available. Only high-quality tones are produced by battery-powered clocks. Keep in mind that the sound produced by this type of clock is not the same as that produced by a wind-up model.

For wind-up mantel clocks, the clock should be wound up at least once every 7 days. Certain versions only require winding up every two weeks. The clocks that must be wound up at least once a week are known as “8-day clocks.” The clock should include a manual switch that allows the chime to be turned off.

Some timepieces include an automatic night silencing function. There are also several varieties of wind-up clocks. They are distinguished by the number of keyholes in the dial, which ranges from one to three. Because the clock will most likely have various features based on the number of keyholes, it is critical that you check for them in the item description.

A three-keyhole mantel clock often has more functions than the other two options. The clock not only keeps time, but it also strikes hourly and includes a chiming feature. You should carefully study the features and price pages we will connect you to for this.

Mantle clocks contain a variety of materials

Mantle clocks are built of a variety of materials such as wood, glass, metal, porcelain, and stone. If you want to buy a mantle clock, you should think about what sort of clock you want and how it will fit into the design of your home. Some materials are more prevalent than others, depending on when and where the clock was made. The characteristics of the clocks are generally the same, therefore it is simply a matter of personal taste as to which sort of clock you choose.

For practical reasons, most old-style mantel clocks were built of wood. Oak and cherry tree wood, for example, were popular. The wood might be solid or panelled. In America, antique wooden mantel clocks were frequently painted, engraved, or equipped with brass. These sorts of wooden mantels may be what most people see when they think of a mantel clock. However, it is only one of many different types of clocks offered on our website.

In the past, certain mantel clocks were built of various types of stone, such as slate and marble. Both of these materials are, as you might expect, quite heavy and inconvenient to use. Historically, certain clocks were made of precious metals such as silver or gold. These clocks are currently extremely rare. Obviously, they are considerably more costly than other types of mantel clocks.

Porcelain is another material used to make mantel clocks. It is common for porcelain clocks to be decorated with flowers or other designs. Some of the most prominent clockmakers of the time specialised in creating porcelain clocks with hand-painted patterns.

Mantel clocks made of glass have recently become popular. Because of their versatility, glass mantel clocks may be placed in any room in the house.

Mantel clock designs

 Mantel clocks are typically available in four different designs.

  • French mantel clocks
  • Art deco mantel clocks
  • German mantel clocks
  • Clocks in contemporary styles

Each has its own set of pros and downsides. French mantel clocks, for example, are built of a great quantity of metal and are luxurious, albeit pricey. German mantel clocks are constructed with fine craftsmanship and may be rather costly. Modern-style clocks are less expensive, although they are frequently built of inferior materials.

Pricing and features are diverse

Mantel clocks come in a variety of pricing ranges. It might range from less than $100 to more than $1000. Many things influence this, including material, kind, style, manufacturer, and size. On our website, we’ve gathered a selection of inexpensive mantel clocks.

Mantel clocks, like their prices, come with a variety of features. And, of course, one clock will not be the same as another. The following are some examples of mantel clock features that may increase the price:

  • Alarm clocks
  • Chimes
  • Numbered clocks
  • The date and time are displayed.
  • Picture frame

Use in the modern world

The initial purpose of mantel clocks, like with any form of clock, was to keep time. Mantel clocks, on the other hand, have a new purpose in modern times. One of them is meant to be utilised as a compliment to your home’s décor. To put it another way, it’s a design. It is critical for those who plan to do so to match the clock they will purchase with their home design. Don’t be concerned. There are many different types of mantel clocks to choose from (we’re confident you’ll find one you like). Knowing more about these clocks can help you pick the one that best suits your needs.

Where to buy antique and vintage mantel clocks

Finding the ideal antique mantel clocks for you might feel like searching for the Holy Grail. You may look for it in a few different locations.

Directly from an antique dealer, whether in a brick-and-mortar store or at a specialised trade fair, is the simplest method to purchase an antique object. However, although working with professionals will provide you piece of mind, it will also come at a higher cost. If you live in an older neighbourhood, don’t be afraid to look into other options like online auction and estate sales.

You may also discover some extremely fascinating materials online, providing you with a diverse selection of options. However, buying an antique and vintage mantel clocks might expose you to a seller’s deception, whether intentional or not. Request a big number of photographs before purchasing antique watches so you can get a better sense of the condition your purchase will be in. It might be costly to have an antique writing table delivered.




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