MacBook Pro/Air Liquid Damage Repair Centre in Delhi

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Feeling helpless! Because liquid got inside your MacBook after a spill?

Honestly speaking, it is a vulnerable situation, and you need the services of expert MacBook liquid damage repair to get out of the mess.

As your MacBook is an expensive pick, you just cannot let some liquid affect the functioning of its components negatively. Water can cause extensive damage to its internal parts, and only a thorough fix can bring it back to its previous condition.

Fix apple is a company dedicated to offering MacBook air liquid damage repair in Delhi by making use of the specialised process for a fix. Contact us today for getting access to our services.  

Things to do when liquid spill on your Macintosh Book

Shut off your MacBook immediately to avoid penetration to the internal parts. As electricity and water together can worsen the scenario further, it is advisable to unplug the power cord after shutting off the laptop.
Undoubtedly, your next move should be to wipe the water with an absorbent cloth.
Then, turn it upside down for letting off the trapped liquid inside it, if any.
You can also make use of a hair dryer to let it dry completely and wait for a few hours to evaporate it entirely before restarting it.
Now restart it to check if it is still working. If it does, great! Else contact the nearest service providers for getting it fixed.

MacBook Repair at your service

Our customers speak the story of our excellence, and that is why we are here to serve you 24/7 to deal with the issue with the water damage repair of your MacBook. Contact us for MacBook pro liquid damage repair in Delhi today.

Expert services

Our experts examine your Mac diligently in our lab and replace the components of the logic board that got damaged due to spillage.


Our MacBook air water damage cost is affordable, and our services are flawless. Contact us to get a quote.

Thoroughly tested

We pass your MacBook through several tests to check if it is performing in the desired manner. Honesty is our mantra to business ethics, and we leave no stones unturned to give our best.

Quick Fix

We  repair your MacBook depending upon the complexity of the damage. If it is a minor glitch, we may even do it in a span of a few hours.

We are probably your one-stop solution to repair the damage caused to your MacBook due to water spillage, and guess what? We do it for half the price of that of a showroom cost.

For more details contact our company dedicated to offering MacBook Liquid Damage Repair solutions and get access to our high-quality services today!


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