Love Drinking? Here Are Home Ideas With Attached Mini-Bar

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After a long day at work, the home should be something we look forward to coming back to. Hours of nonstop hustle tend to weigh us down and going to bars after work is way to relieve our stress. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a place where you won’t need to squeeze in between sweaty bodies and rowdy and cramped surroundings? Set up your personal mini-bar and say so more to travel hours and hours outside your home! Go straight to your very own mini-bar and pour yourself a shot of alcohol. A perfect space in your room to invite friends over and host a party or anything that calls for a celebration!

Start Here!

Transform those awkward spaces and utilize the empty corner of your house into mini-bars. Install floor-to-ceiling cabinets for your liquor storage and glassware. Displaying glassware adds class and elegance to the space. Great accents for home decoration. If taking a small trip to the kitchen is much of a hassle, place a mini-fridge for refreshments and include a bucket for cooling purposes.

A small rectangular table will do just fine along with a tall stool with leathered upholsteries. Choose long stools that do not feel out of place. Thus the right fabric supplier which can create long stools with upholsteries that have smooth to rough surfaces.

Bar In A Closet

If you are having a hard time with your choice of design, make use of that cabinet that has been sitting long in the corner like Cafe Interior Design Plus it saves budget and no need to pay for labor to achieve that fancy-looking bar.

All you have to do is to add sections that create individual space for each of your wine and other liquors. Keep that glassware in place. The transparent glass of the cabinet will showcase the aesthetic order of your collection of glassware and liquor. Add some lights to boost the elegance of your bar-in-a-closet concept.

Pull-out drawers that can transform when pulled out from the closet are also a must-consider mini-bar ideas. The thing about the bar in a closet concept is that it can easily fade into the backdrop when it is no longer needed or the party is over.

Under the Stairs

Make use of that empty spot underneath the staircase. Transform by installing cabinets, drawers, hanging shelves, and sufficient enough space for the table. To add style to your mini-bar space, attach a wine glass holder. A couch with a smooth or leathered couches will fit right into the picture! Finish it off with a throw pillow that has identical features to the couch.

Full Bar

You may want more than just cabinets and shelves, as a true cocktail aficionado. The most important aspect that you should consider is to allow a certain area or space for your mini-bar. Take over the floor to ceiling and install cabinets for the storage of your glassware essentials and extensive liquor display.

Go for darker tones to give off a sleek and sophisticated look. Decorated your surroundings with fabrics from a trusted fabric supplier that are close shade with your preferred scheme. If you are worried that your mini-bar would look gloomy, the lighting will do its job to complement the darker shades.

It is important to put into consideration which fabric supplier to purchase your upholsteries, rugs, curtains, and couches including the color schemes you chose for your mini-bar. The quality choice fabrics that will perk up the space and surface that sleek and sophisticated look.

In terms of your fabrics needs, the new fabric supplier, namely Create Fabrics will provide all the fabric supplier duties that will help in accentuating the space. A shop that can meet up to your expectations and have a variety of choices to choose from. Name the type of fabrics you need and consider it done!

Have A Tray!

If mini-bars are outside the range of your budget, do not fret! No need to construct an actual counter for mini-bars. You can just have a simple tray set up and place your favorite set of poison. Easy to prepare and saves much space. Perfect for apartment settings and small house owners.

Bar Island

How about that aisle intended for a mini-bar? If you got all the devices, why not! Try a not-so lengthy and not-so-short rectangular table. You can’t go wrong with adding lengthy stools with rough woven upholstery from your best fabric supplier. Behind would be the storage of your extensive price-possessed liquor and a massive amount of glassware.

Suave would be the ideal word for the oval-shaped table, leathered upholstery, or shiny and smooth surface for the accent stools add-ons. Store your liquors on hanging shelves. To achieve the suave look, choose the darker neutral shade or any dark schemes and dark hardwood furniture. This would give off a contemporary and slick sight into your space.

The Life At The Pub

Extract that pub feel with an industrial look of wooden barrels, neon lights, old-school stools, and rustic features. A combination of warmth through wood ceilings, and brick walls, enough to surface the rustic charm.  This would give the impression of good times with good shots. Finish it off with string lights in a yellow led bulb and you are good to go!

Pantry Bar

Not everyone can pull off the expensive and most likely space-consuming bar. This does not mean not having the luxury of owning one. You can always convert your étagère shelves into fine mini-bar. Fill it with bar essentials and some decorative objects to beautify the space. Either underneath a patterned carpet, you can purchase one from your trusted fabric supplier. Behind would be curtains that have fabrics that can blend in with the surroundings. Add some vases and even portraits of famous personalities to complete the look. All these types of fabrics are found in one fabric supplier, ranging from the upholsteries, rugs, carpet, and curtain needs!

Portable Bar

How cool would it be if it calls for celebration, you can direct your visitors into the living room and pull out the hidden bar behind the table? The personal mini-bar could hold up to your top choice of liquor, be moveable to any space of your home, and be convenient to use!







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