Looking for Funding for Your Startup? Join These Top Startup Pitch Competitions

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As an entrepreneur, launching your startup is the first big step towards making your idea and vision the next big thing in the market. One of the biggest challenges in the way of starting your startup is funding.

It can be challenging to raise enough capital. One way to gain visibility, feedback on the gaps of your startup, and funding is by entering a startup pitch competition or investor pitch events.


Here are some of the top startup pitch competitions that you can join to get exposure, expert feedback, and funding:

  • Y Combinator Demo Day

This startup pitching competition is held in San Francisco, California, twice a year. It features the latest batch of startups that make it into the Y Combinator accelerator program. The competition is a three-day event, with the following schedule:

–         Day 1 and 2: There are about 450 investors and press members present. You have to pitch your startup ideas to them.

–         Day 3: This day is called the ‘Investor Day’. On this day, startups get the chance to talk to investors about their ideas and get funding if they impress the investors.


  • Startup World Cup 2021

This is an international competition and conference that brings together world-class tech CEOs, aspiring and established entrepreneurs, VCs and top startups. This event comprises over 40 regional events, which conclude with the Grand Finale event in Silicon Valley. The finalists compete for a one-million-dollar investment in the finale.


This competition also takes place in San Francisco, California. The Grand Finale is scheduled to take place on November 12, 2021. To get a chance to participate in the finale, you can apply to one of the 18 regional events planned for this year. Tickets to attend the finale range from $80 to $399.


The industries that Startup World Cup focuses on are healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, financial technologies, IoT, augmented reality and agriculture.


  • Collision 2021

Collision is one of the fastest-growing tech conferences in the USA. To win the competition, you will need to compete with the top 70 startups for three days in the startup battle called PITCH. The winner gets a ton of exposure and a PITCH trophy.


To join, you need to first become a part of ALPHA, which will cost you 695 Canadian dollars. ALPHA tickets will grant you the chance to access startup workshops, mentor hours, office hours, and PITCH. The competition is taking place on April 20-22 this year.


The guest speakers at Collision this year include David Beckham, Biz Stone (Co-founder, Twitter), Katherine Maher (CEO, Wikipedia), and Nick Tran (Head of Global Marketing, TikTok), among others.


  • HATCH Pitch 

Hosted by the SXSW Conferences and Festivals, HATCH Pitch is a revolutionary startup pitch competition that takes place in Austin, Texas. This investor pitch event allows you only to pitch one product or service to the investors. You will be given four minutes to impress the judges to win virtual funding of $1 million.

However, there are some conditions that you have to meet to be eligible to apply:

– Your startup should have launched in the last two years of the competition.

– You should have received not more than $3 million in funding for your startup from other investors.

– You need to own a certain part of your startup.



  • Web Summit PITCH Competition

This startup pitch competition focuses on the creation and development of web and internet technologies. It’s open to ALPHA- or BETA-stage startups. It takes places in Boston, Massachusetts. Your startup must meet these criteria to qualify:

– Your startup must have received less than three million euros in funding.

– The business model of your startup must have been the same within the last three years.

Hundreds of startups apply to the Web Summit PITCH Competition; however, only the top 200 get the chance to pitch their startup in front of investors and judges. Even if you don’t get funding, it’s a great chance to get your startup some exposure.



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